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5 free BlackBerry apps for Back to School



Students everywhere are enjoying their final month of summer before heading back to school. Soon they’ll need to figure out class schedules and buy their text books. It’s important to get off to a fresh start and get some apps for your BlackBerry that keep you organized and informed.

Here are five free apps to help you do just that:

1. Check the weather with WeatherEye when you get up in the morning. Download WeatherEye OTA from your BlackBerry Browser at http://blackberry.theweathernetwork.com

2. With over 100,000 titles in its library, eBook app Wattpad can help you keep up with your extracurricular reading. Download Wattpad OTA from m.wattpad.com

3. Viigo is the ultimate RSS reader. Stay up to date on all your favorite news, blogs and sites on the go. Download Viigo from getviigo.com.

4. If you’re looking for a business or person on campus, check out Poynt. It’s coming soon with OpenTable support so get ready to find some cheap eats fast. Download it OTA from m.mypoynt.com

5. And finally, make sure you have Facebook. It comes preloaded on almost every BlackBerry device but if you don’t have it, download it asap.

Free BlackBerry app automatically launches apps upon startup



There are some applications that want to automatically start when you reboot your device because they’re an integral part of your BlackBerry experience.

Start Me Up allows you to select applications that you want to automatically start up but don’t do it on their own. This is a great way to add additional functionality to apps that you enjoy using.

A cool feature of this product is that it allows you to set delay times. If an app requires a network connection, you can adjust the delay time to allow your device to connect to the network before the device is launched.


* Automatic start up for apps that don’t include this feature
* Runs applications in background while launching
* Small size and does not run in background constantly

Get Start Me Up for free for your BlackBerry.

Pandora 1.1.0 Released with Stereo AAC+


blackberry now playingPandora has launched version 1.1.0 today.  In previous versions, you could only get mono AAC via your mobile connection.  Now, stereo AAC+ is available just like you find on your wi-fi connection!  You can download Pandora for free via your BlackBerry Browser at http://www.pandora.com.  Check out all the new features and bug fixes after the jump.

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Save money on your voice plan with a simple free BlackBerry app



Some carriers are really harsh when it comes to voice plans and will bill you an extra minute for going even a second over 60. With Fabian’s latest free app, you get a short vibration after every 55 seconds into each outgoing call so that you know when a new minute will start.

By using this app, you’ll know that you aren’t being charged for extra minutes. It’s an easy way to save on your voice plan.

Download MinuteSaver for free for your BlackBerry.

See more great applications from Fabian from his site.


Visible Vote updated with Facebook integration and more


visible vote

Visible Vote for BlackBerry has been updated and it’s also now available in App World. New features include:

1. Job Approval Ratings for each Legislator that represents you plus the President.
2. Facebook Comment Integration – You can now leave comments on each bill and legislator for your Facebook Friends to read.
3. Bills now have a filter function to better find bills that matter to you.
4. Each Bill now has buttons that will take you to the actual bill and media sources with articles on each bill.
5. Download your Legislators full voting records without having to vote.

Download Visible Vote for your BlackBerry for free.

The old features still remain the same and have been a little cleaned up:

1. Send a Letter to your Legislators through your Blackberry.
2. Vote on the same Bills as your legislators and tell them how to Vote on those bills from the program.
3. After Legislators vote it will cross compare your vote to theirs and give you an agreement percentage.
4. Sends a letter every week with the constituents vote tallies.


Free BlackBerry call reminder app works with calendar and messages



Recently, Fabian was on Twitter asking about what new BlackBerry application to make. I’m not sure if this is the product of that vote but if it was, it’s an incredibly fast turn around. His latest app is called LaterDude and the app allows you to set reminders to call someone back.

From your Call Log or from your Messages application (on some devices, both work, on others only one works) you select an entry, press Menu then ‘Remind me later!’ and now a selection pops up when you want to get notified again about calling back.

It creates a calendar entry at the selected time and date. Make sure that you set the following in the Calendar-Options:

1. Open up the Calendar
2. Click Menu then Options
3. General Options
4. Default Reminder
5. Set it to 0 min.

Download LaterDude for free for your BlackBerry.

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