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Free mobile payment application for BlackBerry from MerchantWare



MerchantWare Mobile is mobile payment application, perfect for contractors, trade-show vendors and delivery drivers. MerchantWARE Mobile runs on BlackBerry’s Pearl, Storm, Curve or Bold and offers the enhanced capability to use a highly secure Bluetooth card swipe device that brings ease of use, lower processing costs and security to “on the go” businesses.

Whether credit card information is swiped or keyed-in to the BlackBerry device, all data is stored on Merchant Warehouse’s secure servers, not the mobile device, providing peace of mind to customers, merchants and salespeople.

Features of MerchantWARE Mobile for the BlackBerry include:

• Secure transactions in real time, including sales, refunds and voids;
• Lower Interchange costs by swiping with Bluetooth card reader;
• Free application;
• Robust detailed transaction reporting;
• No additional gateway or cellular access fees;
• Email receipts for merchant and customer;
• Encrypted and secure SSL connections for safely transmitting customer information;
• Complies with PCI DSS/PABP;
• Automatic end of day batch processing;
• Access to the MerchantWARE Virtual Terminal enabling users to process transactions through the same merchant account from any web connected computer.

This application will be available next week. For more information, see the MerchantWARE site.


Free app integrates location, device and user info into browser


Ro9 BlackBerry app

5o9 is getting ready to launch their free software that integrates location, device and user information directly into the browser so it can be shared with any web site.

The app also integrates 6 search engines into the browser. The first one, is the 5o9 search engine which is powered by True Local out of Canada. The company has built in a geocoding engine so you can send it GPS and it converts it to zip code (US only) and then returns the search request. You can also use the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
Click here for more screenshots of this new free application from 5o9

A day in the life of a BlackBerry Storm power user


BlackBerry Storm

It’s 7:40am and my BlackBerry wakes me up to, The Killers – ‘Mr Brightside,’ thanks to the BBSmart Alarms Pro application. I fiddle around to unplug my Storm from the charger, swipe it unlocked using StormSlider and open up Viigo via QuickLaunch. With one eye open and the other one closed, I tap on ‘News & RSS’; After another 15-second sleep the channels are all updated and I read the newest headlines from BlackBerryCool, BerryReview, CrackBerry and CNN World. I find an interesting article and send it to Twitter via Viigo. While flipping through emails on the BlackBerry, I see one that has to get forwarded to another recipient – using Forward with Edit. Now I can still edit the forwarded message and send the corrected version.

Still half sleeping, I open up TwitterBerry to read the latest replies and update my status to: “Still in bed, let’s start this day slowly!” Now, it’s time to get up. I hit the shower, place the BlackBerry somewhere next to me and launch BerryTunes. I love listening to music while showering.

Now I’m ready to go! BerryWeather gets launched to see how the weather is going to be today. It’s going to rain so I grab a coat. I can’t decide what color of coat to wear so I open up Coin Toss and let the application make the choice. While leaving I look at the paintings hanging on the wall and realize that something is not right. I whip out my BlackBerry Storm again, launch Storm Level Pro and hold it against the picture-frame. The app tells me the pictures hangs ‘-2’ to the left, so I quickly shift it in position and rush out.
Click through to keep reading about a day in the life of a BlackBerry Storm power user

Free hotel reservation app available on BlackBerry App World



HRS.com, a European online hotel reservation portal, have announced the launch of a free application for BlackBerry that makes the hotel booking process easier than ever before. Business travellers will be able to search for and book rooms at over 230,000 hotels worldwide using the HRS.com application on their BlackBerry. The HRS.com application is now available for download on BlackBerry App World.

The HRS.com application provides business travellers with a simple way to find and book a suitable hotel whilst travelling, without the need to enter large amounts of information. Thanks to the GPS capabilities of BlackBerry smartphones (many models have GPS built-in), accommodations can be booked based on a user’s current location or the application’s Organizer function. When searching and booking hotels via the Organizer, users can also choose whether to use the address of one of the contacts in their address book or the venue of an appointment noted in their calendar. The booking confirmation can then be sent by either e-mail or SMS.

Alternatively, business travellers can use the GPS function to pull up a list of available accommodations on arrival at any new destination worldwide. Once the booking has been made, traveller’s can transfer the hotel information directly into their calendar or address book or display it on a Google map.

Check it out in App World and let me know what you think.

Write congress personal letters with a free BlackBerry app



This free app for BlackBerry looks great! Visible Vote allows you to write congress personal letters from your Blackberry, Vote on Issues your legislators are voting on and updates them with your voting preference. It’s the ultimate democratic BlackBerry app.

Recently, the app has been updated to include:

1) The ability to see the details on each Senator by clicking their picture. This will show the bills they are voting for/against you on (I know its not the prettiest thing yet).

2) Automatically move things to the Answered category upon answering a question without closing and opening the application.

For the Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Bold and 8900 Curve:

Download a free copy of Visible Vote for BlackBerry.

For OLDER BlackBerry devices, ie. 4.3-4.5 OS:

Download a free copy of Visible Vote for BlackBerry.

For Blackberry OS 4.2:

Download a free copy of Visible Vote for BlackBerry.


6 BlackBerry Storm applications for 99 cents


Epic Applications is an online vendor of BlackBerry Storm applications that offers 6 apps for $0.99. The number of apps may increase in the near future but currently there are 6 with some free apps thrown in. Check out Epic Applications and see if there is something you like.

Found an app at Epic Applications you like?
Comment and let us know.