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Free Ultra Today Plus Theme Improves On the Classic Default

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It’s nice to have a unique set of icons and background, as well as some fancy animations in a theme, but they aren’t for everyone. Many users still prefer the default theme that comes with their BlackBerry, and this theme is geared towards them. The Ultra Today Plus theme is simply the default theme with a Today preview feature. The Today preview gives you a quick glance at what is happening, and it makes you realize the default Today is a little ugly.

Download the Ultra Today Plus theme free from the BlackBerryCool Store.

Free 2010 Shanghai World EXPO 2010 Theme Shanghai Skyline

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Shanghai Skyline is a free theme to celebrate the upcoming Shanghai EXPO 2010. This is the official Shanghai EXPO theme so if you’re going to attend, or you want to show support, this is the theme for you. Overall, it’s a decent-looking theme with a red and black color scheme. Definitely worth a download.

Check out the free Shanghai EXPO 2010 theme in App World.

Free World Cup 2010 Theme “Love Football Love KAKA”

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MMMOOO have launched a cool new World Cup 2010 theme called Love Football Love KAKA. The company have an interesting service for this theme, whereby they’ll customize the homescreen badge for you if you leave a 5-star rating on their theme and email them.

Check out the Love Football Love KAKA theme and if you want your premium customization, leave a 5-star rating.

You can also grab this free theme from App World.

Free Ottawa Senators NHL Theme Now Available in Bplay

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The Senators played an awesome game against the Penguins on Wednesday and they’ll be kicking their butts again tonight at 7PM EST. To show your support for the team, download this cool Senators theme by Bplay for free.

The Ottawa Senators theme features six different wallpapers that rotate every 5 minutes. With a custom icon set, pics of your favorite players, and the famous “ALL IN. ALL RED.” logo. This officially licensed theme is a must-have for the Sens Army.

Download the official Ottawa Senators BlackBerry theme for free!

Free premium BlackBerry theme Scenic from Elecite

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Elecite are known for making some really decent BlackBerry themes and they have recently launched a free theme. The theme, Scenic, comes with 5-6 bottom dock icons and an assortment of over 50 icons to choose from.

According to Elecite, this is a gift as a thank you to the community.

The theme is available for all BlackBerry devices except the Pearl 8100 series.

What do you think?

Download Scenic free from Elecite.

Free BlackBerry themes with a minimalistic feel

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These free themes are incredibly minimalistic which is exactly what is great about them. While many themes try and impress you with big graphics and fancy icons, sometimes it’s nice to not see anything at all.

PureLab are offering two, free minimalistic themes:

1) pure.system: a minimalistic and clean theme.

2) pure.system overdrive: an extended version of pure.system with hidden dock and highly customizable home screen.

To download your free apps, see the PureLab site.

South Korea’s cutest character Pucca now a free BlackBerry theme

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If there is one thing South Korea has a lot of, it’s cute cartoon characters. It’s a common trend in Asia for absolutely everything to be branded with a cute character. Looking for oil for your car? There’s always a little PowerPuff-esque character there to help out.

ShellBell67 over at Themes4BB posted a free Pucca theme for you to grab OTA. All you have to do is register.


Free Hybrid theme for BlackBerry combines a plethora of devices

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Zachriel, the developer behind the Gears of War theme for the Storm, has a new theme called Hybrid. The theme is a mix of looks from various smartphones including some iPhone-esque icons, Android meters and the HTC clock.

You can go to themestorm.net on your blackberry to download, or use the OTA below:

Hybrid (8 icons + WB) .151 compatible
OTA Hybrid Theme 8 icons + WB Mirror1 Mirror2

Variations are now available, all are .151 compatible.

1. Hybrid 0 Icons + WeatherBug Mirror1 Mirror2
2. Hybrid 4 Icons + WeatherBug Mirror1 Mirror2
3. Hybrid 12 Icons + WeatherBug Mirror1 Mirror2
4. Hybrid 16 Icons + WeatherBug Mirror1 Mirror2
5. Hybrid 0 Icons + WeatherBug + MeterBerry Mirror1 Mirror2
6. Hybrid 4 Icons + WeatherBug + MeterBerry Mirror1 Mirror2
7. Hybrid 8 Icons + WeatherBug + MeterBerry Mirror1 Mirror2
8. Hybrid 12 Icons + WeatherBug + MeterBerry Mirror1 Mirror2
9. Hybrid 16 Icons + WeatherBug + MeterBerry Mirror1 Mirror2
10. Hybrid 4 Icons + WeatherBug + Hidden Today Mirror1 Mirror2
11. Hybrid 8 Icons + WeatherBug + Hidden Today Mirror1 Mirror2
12. Hybrid 4 Icons + WeatherBug + MeterBerry + Hidden Today Mirror1 Mirror2
13. Hybrid 8 Icons + WeatherBug + MeterBerry + Hidden Today Mirror1 Mirror2

Free 3G BlackBerry Curve 8900 and Bold theme

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RedZapper does some very nice themes and one of the more popular themes is the 3G theme. It’s available for the Bold and Curve 8900 and is based on the 3G iPhone theme by Jonathan Lundström.

Download the 3G theme for the BlackBerry Bold.

Download the 3G theme for the BlackBerry Curve 8900.

Free BlackBerry Bold SodaBerry theme with Bottom Dock and Today Plus

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A new free theme called ‘SodaBerry’ is a Today Plus theme with a bottom dock. The theme looks really clean and it’s incredibly easy on the eyes.

Sadly, the theme is only available for the BlackBerry Bold. We’ll be sure to keep you informed if this becomes available for more devices.

The theme was developed by RedZapper, with the icons designed by Alistair Roberts. RedZapper have recently updated the theme with the following:

- Shadow around icons in application screen removed (see new screenshot below)
- Emails go into one inbox, SMS/MMS goes into another inbox. You may want to keep both the email and SMS/MMS icons on the home screen.
- Modded more icons. Default icon background added for non-modded icons.

Download SodaBerry OTA for free for your BlackBerry Bold.


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