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Gym Technik Updated with Better User Interface and Experience Improvements


Gym Technik

We haven’t mentioned Gym Technik on BBCool for some time now but since summer is upon us, we thought we would mention the latest updates to the app. Gym Technik is a great app for monitoring your workouts and getting the most out of your fitness routine. In the latest version of the app, new features include:

  • Streamlined user interface navigation
  • Improved account setup and management
  • Fix to exercise order discrepancy between web and BlackBerry app
  • Fix to workout edit function on the BlackBerry app
  • Better visual scaling of the body stats graph improving visibility of smaller fluctuations
  • New “Getting Started” guides
  • “Workouts” will appear as the app name, rather than “Gym Technik”

To download Gym Technik, head over to their site for an OTA link or check them out in App World. The company has also let us know that it will be rolling out more updates over the course of the summer so stay tuned.

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Shape Services Launches IM+ Talk Out of Beta with Free Skype VoIP Calls



Shape Services let us know that their IM+ Talk app is out of beta and available for purchase or for you to test on a free, 7 day trial. Probably the best feature of this app is the ability to make free Skype VoIP calls over WiFi, as well as make VoIP calls over 3G/EDGE. With the holiday season approaching, even the 7 day trial of this app is well worth it. For those going overseas to visit family, this app could save you a lot of holiday cash.

Check out IM+ Talk from Shape Services at this link.

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fgVoIP App Allows VoIP Calls Over WiFi via PBX and SIP Provider


When we last wrote about FgVoIP, they had developed a VoIP client that lets you make and receive VoIP calls on all BlackBerrys but they had a limited amount of device support. The company let us know that their client is now available on all BlackBerry Devices right up to and including OS 5.0.
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Interchange Group Mobility Suite BlackBerry App Downloads


interchange group apps

The Interchange Group is a group of founding BlackBerry Alliance members that provide custom BlackBerry development and have some cool apps that we haven’t mentioned to date. The apps look a little outdated and probably only run on older devices, nonetheless they look useful. Their apps include:
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Qwell Do Not Disturb Service for BlackBerry with Free Trial


Qwell is a Do Not Disturb service for BlackBerry that lets you silence calls while not missing the important ones. The service is initiated by pressing a single button, and you don’t need to create “Allow and Don’t Allow” lists that limit your connectivity to numbers that are predetermined.

When Qwell is enabled, Callers will hear that you are not taking calls at this time, unless it is an urgent matter. If the call is urgent, Qwell gives the caller the option to connect the call so you do not miss it! If the call is not urgent, they can leave a voicemail or simply hang-up without your phone ringing so you remain undisturbed. A Qwell call log keeps track of all call activity while you’re in “Qwell Mode” so that you can see Missed Calls and Voicemail at a glance.
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Senomix Timesheets App for BlackBerry with Time Tracking Features


time tracking app

Senomix Timesheets is a time tracking app that connects over the internet to a server program running on an office’s own network. Once time tracking information is saved from a BlackBerry, it is then available to assist in billing and project management from any Windows or Mac OS X computer. Features include:

  • Full weekly timesheets
  • Automatic stopwatch
  • Connectivity to Windows and Mac OS X
  • No synchronization, e-mail or SMS messages required
  • Time is entered on your BlackBerry® and saved on your office server.

Timesheets is available on a free trial and it’s available on a variety of pricing schemes which can be viewed here.

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