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Tawkon Mobile Radiation Monitoring App Updated with Free Trial



Tawkon let us know that they have updated their app with a free trial. Considering the app is $9.99, a free trial is a great way to give customers a little reassurance that their money is well spent. The new free trial allows the user to get 75 monitored calls on supported BlackBerrys.

We’re not sure about whether cell radiation is actually something that users should concern themselves with, and there are plenty of ways to avoid any potential risk. One such way is to remember the inverse square law. By communicating more through email, SMS and BBM, you avoid having the device close to your head.

Check out Tawkon’s new free trial in the BlackBerryCool Store.

Defined Pro Theme Available With Free Trial


Defined is a zen-style theme that comes with 10 user defined icons that are concealed with a hidden dock and can be revealed when you need them. The calendar display will show your next 8 appointments and your newest unread messages on the homescreen. With Defined, profiles are displayed in words, and there is a ‘$’ shorcut key for SMS and MMS.

Best of all, Defined comes with a free trial. The free trial of this theme limits your user defined icons and comes with a FREE TRIAL watermark.

Defined Pro is only $2 and the free trial means you can take it for a test run.

Viira Get Things Done App Updated to Version 2.1 With Delegation Feature


Viira’s GTD (Get Things Done) app is based on the best selling New York Times book. The app works with your email, calendar and task apps, to best manage the tasks you need to “get done.” Recently, the app was updated to version 2.1, with project delegation and keypad shortcuts.

The GTD app works offline, which is helpful for adding tasks when in a basement or out of coverage. The app is also available with a free 21-day trial, so you can see how it affects your ability to get things done, before you purchase. Since this app is fairly pricey, I would definitely recommend the free trial first.

More information about Viira’s GTD application available in the BlackBerryCool Store.

VQ CarFinder App Exceeds 100,000 Downloads


Xpressions Inc. let us know that their app VQ CarFinder has now been downloaded by over 100,000 BlackBerry users. The Xpressions team did a great job of promoting their app with great contests, funny video and constantly checking in with the BlackBerry blogs.

You can try VQ Carfinder for yourself on a free trial or $4.99 in the BlackBerryCool Store.

SugarSync Now Offering Email File Upload to Cloud


SugarSync are launching a new feature tonight called Upload by Email. This features allows users to forward an email attachment to a unique email address, and it will sync to the SugarSync Cloud. In tandem with this announcement, the company is also launching a new 500 GB plan.

Check out SugarSync which is available on a 30 day free trial.

Pulse Theme for the BlackBerry Storm Available with Free Trial



Elecite have a pretty cool new theme out that’s only available for the Storm called Pulse. Elecite are also breaking some new ground making the theme available under a free trial. This is a great move and shows they have a lot of faith in this theme, something more theme developers could learn from.

Check out Pulse from Elecite.