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Add Shortcuts to Your Homescreen and Global Menu With Freemium Iconify


Iconify lets you create quick links to contacts, emails and more on your homescreen so they can be accessed right away. The app also gives you the ability to assign a user-defined hotkey to an Iconify link to make the launch process even faster. Recently, the app has gone freemium and there’s plenty of functionality for free. More after the jump.
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Free TweetCaster App Out of Beta and Available in App World


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Freemium Moron Challenge HD Game Gives Fun “Out-of-the-Box” Quiz


The Moron Challenge HD

The Moron Challenge HD is based on a game type that has been really popular on other platforms. The game is a quiz where the questions range from incredibly easy to trick questions. You have to think fast and work your way through all the levels to master the game. The PlayBook version of Moron Challenge HD brings new questions and original and written music by Serge Essiambre.

Since Moron Challenge HD is freemium, you can pick up a free version at this link or a premium version at this link.

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Data Drilling App for PlayBook Breaks Down Spreadsheet Data to Help Analysis


data drilling app

Data Drilling is a really cool-looking PlayBook app that helps you learn more from your data by visualizing it. The app takes spreadsheet data and presents it in a variety of graphical formats to help you study it better. This app is great for app developers because you can export the App World spreadsheet to the app, and break down your app’s downloads based on a variety of factors in order for you to better learn about your users. Another benefit of Data Drilling is that it comes in a free, Lite and Pro version.

Click here to check out the free version of Data Drilling in App World.

Click here for the Lite $2.99 version of Data Drilling.

Click here for a Pro version for $4.99.

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Tawkon Now Available Free with Premium Version on Sale for 50% Off



Tawkon is an app that addresses the cell phone radiation paranoia that has been a hot topic of discussion in the media for some time. Whether or not cell phones emit a level of radiation that has any significant effect on humans is still inconclusive, but some governments have already responded to the consumer fear.

Recently, the company had some pretty major announcements including:
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Freemium Antair DelayedSend App Lets You Time Delay Email Delivery



Antair make some quality apps for BlackBerry including a spam filter, call screener and an auto-responder (great for support emails). Their latest app is DelayedSend that allows you to create an email and delay its sending or schedule it for a particular time. The app integrates into your email application making it easy to delay emails sent.

To download the free version of DelayedSend, view this link in the store.

The paid version of DelayedSend costs $5.95 and it’s available from their site.

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