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Freemium Labyrinth 2 Game Released by BerryBlow Apps



Labyrinth 2 is a new game from BerryBlow Apps that comes in a free and paid version. The game is simple and fun – navigate a steel ball through a maze of traps and find the exit. If you have a BlackBerry with an accelerometer, use can tilt the device to move the ball around. The latest version of Labyrinth features:

  • Levels for beginners
  • 2 types of the field
  • Over 80 new levels (quiz, maze, speed levels)
  • New elements: buttons, lasers, gates and magnets
  • New game effects

Check out the free version here.

The full paid version of Labyrinth 2 is available here.

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Concrete Software Launches Freemium Aces Jewel Hunt Game in App World


aces jewel hunt

Concrete Software has launched two version of Aces Jewel Hunt in App World: a free version and a premium version. Jewel Hunt is a classic puzzle game that involves swapping places with two different jewels and connecting colors to make them disappear. Features of the game include:
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Text’nDrive Freemium Text to Speech App for SMS While Driving


textndrive app

With the new hands-free laws in effect almost ubiquitously, there are plenty of text-to-speech apps going around. The latest text-to-speech hands-free app is Text’nDrive, an app designed to prevent the distraction of texting while driving by reading your email and text messages out loud and letting you reply with your voice. The app also works with hands-free devices such as Bluetooth headsets or built-in car systems.
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Gwabbit for BlackBerry Updated with FlashBack Feature


Gwabbit has announced a free upgrade for both their Premium and Free versions that includes a new feature called “Flashback.” Flashback places a note in your inbox to remind you that you haven’t added a contact to your address book. When you open the note, a gwabbit alert is shown that allows you to click and save the contact as usual. When you save contacts, you’ll find an item in your inbox, marked with the gwabbit wabbit. This keeps you informed of the contacts you added to your address book. Also, a gwabbit counter at the top of the screen shows the number of unopened/unsaved contacts detected by gwabbit, similar to the counter for unopened emails or SMS messages.

Personally, I think users should avoid the free version of gwabbit, as it has a very aggressive marketing tool built-in that tells users their contact information has been added by gwabbit.

To download gwabbit or upgrade, visit App World.

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FileScout Now Available as a Freemium App


Emacberry let us know that they’ve released two versions of FileScout, a commercial version and a free FileScout Lite version. To use the Lite version, start the free 14 day trial and select from the app. Emacberry have also provided a full breakdown of features and fixes you’ll find in the new versions. The highlights include an archive email function, and search enhancements.

Click here to see the differences between both versions of FileScout.

Get more information about FileScout from the BlackBerryCool Store.
Click through for a detailed breakdown of all the new FileScout features

Blackberry Call Control Promises to Curb Unwanted Calls


The Kedlin Company have announced their BlackBerry app Call Control, which was voted the Best Save Time App by the Verizon development community. The app syncs with a community-generated blacklist of spam callers, to help stop telemarketers and unwanted calls from reaching your phone.

Call Control features include:

  • Call Control stops thousands unwanted calls without the user having to key in individual telephone numbers.
  • Call Control stays up to date with new spam callers by updating your Blackberry on a daily basis.
  • If a spam call does get through, users can easily report the call and instantly block it from calling again, all with one click.
  • Callers with a restricted Caller ID are also blocked from calling.

The app looks promising and it’s going to be important for the Kedlin company to keep their community-generated list accurate. The problem with blocking calls is that even if a single important call gets blocked, it doesn’t matter how many spam calls are prevented.

Call Control is currently available for Blackberry and comes as a freemium service. There is a free Lite version and a paid Pro version for $7.99. Call Control can be downloaded by pointing your device to everycall.us/m/.

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