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Interactive Book for Kids: Apolline & Leon – The Witch of The Tuileries


Apolline & Leon – The Witch of The Tuileries, is a children’s book that has been ported to the BlackBerry PlayBook and made fully interactive. As you can see from the above YouTube video, you can touch various elements of each page and something happens. The book is ideal for young children from 3 to 8, as they’re bound to have fun shaking clouds, steering boats, throwing balls, playing music and more. The only potential downside of a book like this, is that children may spend more time playing than actually learning to read. So it’s important to still emphasize the words and meanings.

Check out Apolline & Leon – The Witch of The Tuileries in App World.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Gets a Healthy Update with Facebook, App World, Charging Improvements and More


playbook nyc
Jim Dog overseeing the fun.

The PlayBook is a great tablet. Don’t listen to the haters. It’s a rock solid piece of hardware and the software has huge potential. The problems with it stem from the fact that it’s a brand new OS and still needs a few updates. Recently, BlackBerry users were sent a pretty big update to the PlayBook and it improves many of the features you use on the device such as Facebook, App World, charging the device and video chat connectivity. These updates are welcome and we’re looking forward to more. Hopefully the summer vacation season won’t slow down QNX and we’ll see another big update soon.

New BlackBerry PlayBook OS v1.0.5 features include:
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Rogers to launch French voice-activated search


NuanceNuance has announced that their voice-based search and instant messaging service, Voice Control, will be extending language support for French Rogers customers. Rogers has been pretty good about language support in Canada, so it’s good to see they’re keeping up. Look out for the updated software in April, available on the 8310, 8110, 8800 and Windows Mobile devices.