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Free FTP client for your BlackBerry



BeFTP is an FTP client for BlackBerry that has a free, albeit limited version. The free version will not remember your connections which makes it difficult to use repeatedly, but if you’re going to be using an FTP client daily, you may as well pay. The commercial license goes for $10.

Here are some features that have been added with the most recent update:

* Upload functionality
* Folder download
* Manual FTP command line execution
* Wi-Fi and other connection modes

Download BeFTP FREE for your BlackBerry OTA.



BEIKS offers free FTP app


A computer networkA great find from BlackBerry Sync: BEIKS is now offering a completely free FTP client for BlackBerry. The software, called BeFTP, was designed to connect to the BEIKS FTP server to download content for other BEIKS apps, because the BlackBerry browser doesn’t allowing downloading of all kinds of files. It’s fairly limited, because it connects to the BEIKS server automatically and doesn’t allow you to save new connections, but you can’t beat free. Their pro version is a bit more full-featured and costs $10, and of course there’s always Mobile File Manager from Rove if you need even more.