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BlackBerry 10 Users Can Now Play Poker With iOS Friends With Texas Hold’em King


Magmic recently launched Texas Hold’em King on iTunes and now BlackBerry 10 users will be able to invite their friends with iPhones/iPads to join a private table and play Texas Hold’em King. As you may know, THK has been a staple on BlackBerry devices for 10 years and the franchise is now becoming a cross-platform behemoth. Read on for more details.
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Magmic Launches Free Blackjack King Game With Chip Purchases


Magmic’s THK Live game is a big hit on BlackBerry and the company has release a Blackjack game that looks to be modeled after it. The game is free and you can purchase chips within the game to play. Blackjack King works really well on a touchscreen BlackBerry too, letting you touch to cut the deck for example.
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Magmic Announces Over 600,000 Active Accounts for Texas Hold’em King Live


We’ve written about Magmic’s Texas Hold’em King Live several times because it’s probably the most advanced BlackBerry game in terms of features and monetization strategy. First, the game uses in-app purchases to allow poker players to buy more chips in order to play. Second, the game features its own in-app advertising that shows ads for other Magmic titles. Third, the app uses Pretzil integration to give users access to a plethora of avatars that can be used in-game. There are more great features such as their social integration, but we feel these three features really set them apart.

Recently, Magmic announced that it has passed over 600,000 active player accounts. This number translates into over 7,000,000 “All-Ins” and over 50,000,000 hands dealt over the last 6 months. These numbers add to the already impressive numbers for the THK franchise. Over the years, Magmic’s THK franchise has over 50 million installs across 5 major platforms. These guys were in the business of huge downloads before Angry Birds came around.

Hit the jump for THK Live’s feature set.
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Leroy’s Sportsbook Releases Gambling App for BlackBerry


Leroy’s Sportsbook, owned by American Wagering, has launched a BlackBerry app that lets you gamble from your BlackBerry, as long as your GPS says you are located in Nevada and you have registered in person at an American Wagering location to avoid underage gambling or identity theft.

After signing up, players will receive a download link via text message. The app then lets players bet on sporting events with options for straight and parlay bets as well as in-game wagering.

To download the app, the site gives the following links but they seem to be broken. It could be that you need to be in Nevada to even download app.

Download OTA for the BlackBerry Storm or Torch (or newer) click here (OS 4.7 and higher)
Download OTA for all other Blackberrys click here (OS 4.6 or lower)