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Game Review: Asteroid Blast for BlackBerry by Hayes.Mobi


Asteroid Blast

Asteroid Blast for BlackBerry is a space survival shooter by hayes.mobi. The game is a clone of Atari’s groundbreaking Asteroids game released in 1979.

The object of the game is to evade and destroy asteroids as well as battle hostile flying saucers. You small triangular ship can propel itself in any direction as well as hyperspace to a random spot on the screen if you should find yourself in a tight spot. After clearing all of the asteroids and flying saucers, a new set of asteroids will appear for you to destroy. Shooting a big asteroid will break it up into smaller pieces, so try not to break up too many big asteroids because it’s difficult to dodge 20 tiny on-screen asteroids.
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Game Review: Snake for BlackBerry by AppliCod


snake for blackberry

Snake is one of the first computer games and the first mobile game ever. There are dozens of variants on a lot of early computer platforms. I remember playing Nibbles on Basic; it was awesome! Snake for BlackBerry is developed by AppliCod.

People are often reminded of the similarities between the Tron Lightcycle game and Snake. Snake’s tail-avoiding gameplay seemed to be the inspiration behind the versus play of Tron Lightcycles.
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Game Review: Peggle for BlackBerry by PopCap Games


peggle on blackberry

Peggle is a Pachinko-inspired skill game developed by PopCap Games. Peggle is a hugely popular game that debuted on PC and has experienced a great deal of success on the Nintendo DS and other mobile platforms.

The object of Peggle is hit all of the orange pegs with a limited amount of balls. Pegs get cleared shortly after being hit by a ball. Regular blue pegs obscure many of your orange goal pegs when the round begins so it takes a bit of strategy to clear them all.
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Game Review: A Team for BlackBerry by Gamehouse


The A Team for BlackBerry is a top-down adventure shooter from Gamehouse. Based on this summer’s movie remake of the A Team, the game is action-packed with loads of stages, achievements and 4 different characters to play as.

After a couple of introductory levels to teach you the controls, you rescue all the A Team members and fight as a group. Each A Team member has different fighting abilities and you’ll need to swap characters in order to use everyone’s strengths to their fullest.
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Game Review: 2-D Max Demo by James Cook


2-D Max is a side-scroller adventure game for BlackBerry. Currently in Beta, the game is far from it’s final state. The developer, James Cook has released it to the public for free on BlackBerry App World.

Your character, 2-D Max must navigate a 2-D landscape filled with villains that can kill you with one touch, unless you stomp them directly on the head (very similar to Mario Brothers). The controls are tricky on a lot of BlackBerry devices. With small keys needing to be hit at the right times, playing anywhere but sitting down is difficult. The controls are such that you move 2-D Max with your right thumb and jump with your left; the opposite controls of Mario on NES or GameBoy.
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Game Review: Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2: Force Recon for BlackBerry


Modern Warfare 2: Force Recon for BlackBerry is a top-down shooter by Glu. The Call of Duty series is one of the best selling series of console games in history. The mobile adaptation of this mega-popular franchise works into a top-down 2-D shooter with a truncated roster of MW2-familiar weapons: 1 assault ripple, 1 sniper rifle, and 1 type of grenades (carry limit of 3).

5=Fire/Defuse Bomb
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