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Get Your Game at House of TARG With The Ottawa Wizard Box Challenge



The Ottawa International Game Conference, House of TARG, and the Dirty Rectangles are stoked to announce a joint venture to create a standup arcade cabinet called The Ottawa Wizard Box that plays local, indie games. Developers will have until May 27th to come up with a game idea which they will pitch at the conference. The game will be pitched to a panel of judges from TARG, OIGC and the industry, and the best games for each challenge will be selected to be the launch games for The Ottawa Wizard Box. To be clear, you must have an OIGC pass to be eligible.

More details available at this link to OIGC2014.com.

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Ubisoft, Square Enix, Microsoft and More Speaking at Ottawa International Game Conference


The Ottawa International Game Conference (OIGC) has announced its speakers for the 3rd annual conference. Speakers from Canada, the United States, Latin America and Britain will be coming to the conference to share their experience and love of gaming. This year’s conference is expecting record attendance and the content is reflective of a bigger budget and a changing industry.

Speakers include:

Sabrina Cormona, Square Enix.
William Volk, PlayScreen.
Thiéry Adam, Ludia.
Oscar Clark, Applifier.
Peter Heinrich, Amazon.
Louis-Rene Auclair, Hibernum Creations.

Read the full press release on the official OIGC website at this link. Tickets for the conference are still available.

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What’s Going On With ScoreLoop at BlackBerry?



Here’s a simple feature suggestion for ScoreLoop: why don’t you just read whether someone is viewing a link from their mobile or desktop, and display the appropriate app store? When you get a ScoreLoop email and you click the link from your desktop, the ScoreLoop page says:
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Montreal-Based Double Stallion and Execution Labs Launches Big Action Mega Fight!


Looking for a fun, free game to play on iOS? Check out Big Action Mega Fight!, a new title by Montreal-based Double Stallion and game dev incubator Execution Labs. BAMF! reminds us of the good old days and strikes that nostalgic heart string.
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Beautiful and Simple Sudoku 7 Now Available for BlackBerry 10


Sudoku is a really relaxing game and Sudoku 7 by Magmic is a simple, elegant version for BlackBerry 10. The game comes with 3 levels of difficulty and hundreds of puzzles to try. You can also sign in with your Twitter handle to get a little customization. If you’re a sudoku fan, you’ll appreciate this download. It’s completely free and ad free.
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Mobile Games Cost $300K and Take 156 Days To Complete


There’s a huge discrepancy between what people think it costs to make a game and what it actually costs. Take it from someone who has been pitched to many times. Often I get people who want an app or a game and are willing to shell out $5K, maybe $10K, but have no idea that on average, a mobile game costs $300K an takes, on average, 156 days to complete. A recent report from Nordicity, points to this fact, along with some other interesting takeaways about the Canadian video game industry.
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