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BlackBerry Game Developers: Check Out Photon Server By Exit Games


BlackBerry acquired ScoreLoop some time ago and it seemed like it was going to be a great tool for cross-platform multiplayer gaming. We haven’t heard much from ScoreLoop since the launch of the ScoreLoop SDK 1.0 which launched about a year and a half ago. There have been some minor updates but it seems to be pretty lacking, especially in terms of dealing with multiplayer gaming. BlackBerry game developers should therefore take a look at Photon Server by Exit Games. It’s a really robust platform, albeit not cheap, that should give you the necessary tools to run a scalable multiplayer game on BlackBerry and any other platform you choose.
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Rubicon’s Cross-Platform Combat Monsters Coming to BlackBerry 10


With more game development environments supporting cross-platform development, companies such as BlackBerry are going to see an increase in titles that release alongside their competition. Perhaps we’re coming up to a golden era in mobile games where it won’t matter what platform you choose because they’ll all have the same games. Now, if only the same were true for startups and apps, manufacturers could focus on differentiating from a core-level. Rubicon, a mobile development shop, has announced that in Q3 of 2013, they’ll be unveiling their game Combat Monsters and it looks really sweet. Check it out after the break.
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Are Developers and Users Sold on the Built For BlackBerry Program?


BlackBerry first announced the Built for BlackBerry program along with the $10K developer commitment. The program was aimed at separating the great apps from the not-so-great and give developers who are committed to the program an opportunity for additional discovery and exposure. Several months into the program, we’re seeing some promotion from BlackBerry pushing these apps, but do developers and BlackBerry users care? It seems a little arbitrary who gets this designation and if it’s not fully accepted by developers, it probably won’t make much of a difference with users.
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Magmic Launches Roulette King Casino Game for BlackBerry 10


Roulette King is the latest casino game from Magmic, the makers of the incredibly popular Texas Hold’em King Live poker game for BlackBerry 10. Roulette King features everything you would expect of a high quality roulette game including 18 different types of bets, daily rewards, and realistic graphics and physics.
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Solve Touchscreen Maze Puzzles on BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook with NeverMaze


Krungie Factor has released its first mobile game, NeverMaze, for BlackBerry 10 smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The game allows players to solve simple and complex maze puzzles using the touchscreen. It’s a great game for kids or adults who want to feel nostalgic about the days when you used to solve mazes with crayons.
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Ottawa Companies and Gamers: Register for Ottawa’s Got Game and Play for Charity



Companies and gamers in the Ottawa and surrounding regions should really check out an amazing event coming up called Ottawa’s Got Game. The event is a full day of game tournaments and casual play with prizes. Proceeds of the event are going to the charity Child’s Play which is a really great charity that puts video games in hospitals and children’s wards to provide some fun in an otherwise depressing environment.

So check out Ottawa’s Got Game and register your company or go as an individual. There’s also a huge Star Wars exhibit going on at the same time so there are plenty of reasons to attend.

Go to this Eventbrite link and register. Individual passes are only $10.