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Bplay sale tempts potentially productive students with BlackBerry themes and games



Well, the school year’s barely started, and Bplay has already clenched their vicelike grip on the woefully short attention spans of the world’s BlackBerry-toting student populace. Absolutely every item they’ve got in store has had its prices cut substantially. Who knows how long the savings will stick around, so better get hopping. Not sure what to get? Here are our top five picks for themes and games. Be sure to check out their ringtone gallery, too!


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Our picks for BlackBerry themes behind the jump…

Super Mario Brothers 3 theme for BlackBerry


Copyright Infringment Brothers

A new BlackBerry theme came out today for the Pearl, Curve and 8800-series which will tickle pink any nostalgic gamers out there. Every icon is an animated sprite from a certain game involving certain Italian plumbers stomping on certain turtles attempting to rescue a certain princess. While “Classic Video Game Theme” might be a thinly-veiled attempt to evade IP lawyers, it’s still a slick looking theme. As far as I’m concerned, it’s only a matter of time before Nintendo’s legal banhammer comes down on this one, so pick it up while you can!

Zen style

Today style

Icon style


Rogers accidentally lists BlackBerry 8220 in game deck


BlackBerry 8220 games

If you’re still holding your breath for the new flip BlackBerry Pearl, it’s clear that Rogers is setting the stage for a launch real soon, now that the BlackBerry 8220 is listed on their game deck. The BlackBerry 8220 has been rumored to be out on Rogers sometime in mid-September, which would be backed up by this little slip-up. Whether or not the Kickstart will be subjected to a big push for gaming remains to be seen, but if that BlackBerry multiplayer platform comes to fruition, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

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Street Fighter II released on BlackBerry


Street Fighter II for BlackBerryAs a long-time gamer, and a fan of Sagat’s freakish tallness, I’m happy to tell you guys about Street Fighter II: Championship Edition for BlackBerry. All of the bosses are playable, including M. Bison, Vega, and Balrog. I’d be interested in seeing how the controls work, considering how much easier doing a quarter-circle turn would be on a trackball rather than D-pad. Head on over to Handango to pick up Street Fighter II for $9.99.

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BlackBerry Partners Fund issues challenge to developers


BlackBerry Partners Fund

The BlackBerry Partners Fund has announced a competition to be settled at the upcoming BlackBerry Developer Conference in October, where contestants will be vying for prizes including “RIM devices, cash, company spotlights and more.” Categories include:

Most Innovative Game
Most Innovative Multimedia Application
Most Innovative Personal Productivity and Lifestyle Application
Most Innovative Enterprise Application
Most Innovative Web Application

Not only is the BlackBerry Developers Conference the perfect venue for the $150 venture capital fund to see what developers are up to, but it’s also a great opportunity for devs to network and hone their skills. Be sure to stick around next week, when we have a talk with BlackBerry Partner Fund’s Rick Segal for more background on the firm. In the meantime, be sure to check out the revamped site for contact info and news on the fund. If you’re a developer and looking to get into the show, be sure to register for the BlackBerry Developer Conference before the end of the month to save $200. There’s also a call to papers until August 22nd. that will get you through the doors for free.

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Shoutout for crossword beta testers


Crossword puzzleThose fine folks at Magmic Games are working on a mobile crossword game for the New York Times and need some testers to make sure 5 across and 23 down actually work out. Just shoot an email to nytxbeta@magmic.com, with the subject line “Application”. Be sure to include your name, e-mail address, BlackBerry model number, location, and crossword experience. Although they didn’t mention it, I’m sure you could squeeze ‘em for a free game or two for participating.