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Phil Hellmuth Texas Hold ‘Em coming to BlackBerry


Phil HellmuthIf you know poker, you’ve probably heard the name Phil Hellmuth before. Well, a mobile Texas Hold’em game with his name on it will be available from Concrete Software on July 24th. That’ll be some stiff competition with Bplay’s Texas Hold ‘Em King 3 currently rocking the BlackBerry poker scene, but hey, you never know. We got a chance to play around a bit with it, and it’s pretty solid, with three game types to chose from: table play, head-to-head and tournament. No word on pricing or carrier yet, but if you’re a poker shark with an itch to scratch, keep your eyes peeled.

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OS 4.6.1 to carry multiplayer gaming platform?


Sounds awfully ambitious, but there are rumblings that the OS 4.6, which is coming out with the BlackBerry Javelin, will be packing a multiplayer gaming platform. You’d think pros like Magmic might be in on something like this, but we’ve heard nary a peep from our Ottawa neighbours. Bplay already has a separate multiplayer service they work through, so if anything, RIM’s developing something in-house. Cool idea, if nothing else.

OS 4.6.1, launching with the BlackBerry Javelin, will also be sporting some cell-tower recognition to provide some light location service, along with a safe mode to make software testing a little easier. Hey, speaking of the Javelin, we hear there’s still a BlackBerry 8900 out there, which could very well be the Javelin. Jibi also has it that the flip BlackBerry Kickstart has been rebranded as the 8220 and 8210, which both check out for our sources. It looks like the BlackBerry Bold is going to be in a class of its own for awhile…

(via BlackBerry News)

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Bplay


Bplay logoYou might be wondering what Bplay, a game and theme publisher, is doing at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium, but hey, suits like games too. The most recent addition to their catalog is, of course, Guitar Hero, but they’ve also got games like Leisure Suit Larry: Love For Sail, Surviving Hollywood, Star Wars: Battle Above Coruscant, Caesar, and the upcoming Texas Hold ‘em King 3. Bplay is the primary outlet for Magmic‘s games, but another portal, Winplay, offers their Windows Mobile ports. Outside of games, Bplay offers themes in droves, of course. As a gamer myself, I can’t wait to see what they have on offer at WES.

Guitar Hero III video


Over at QuicklyBored we’ve got a video of Guitar Hero III in action on a Windows Mobile handheld. As a reader pointed out at the launch of GHIII, performance on the BlackBerry is less than great, so it’s nice to see the game in action with smooth animation and a fast-moving play bar.

Guitar Hero on BlackBerry launched


Guitar HeroAs hinted in one of our earlier podcasts, Guitar Hero for mobile has been launched at CTIA, and is now available for your BlackBerry. This is great news for those who just can’t get enough of Guitar Hero’s killer soundtrack, but they’ll also be releasing 3 new tracks every month over the next year. You can pick up the initial 15-track release now, and a subscription for future releases will be available soon.

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Boulder Dash coming to BlackBerry


BoulderMagmic has recently signed an agreement with IP holder First Star Software to port the latest of the Boulder Dash games, Boulder Dash Rocks, to BlackBerry. Boulder Dash is an old-style puzzler involving navigating a maze by pushing, blasting enemies and collecting jewels. While the Commodore 64 roots might be just a smidgen before my time, but I played something similar on the clunky ol’ Game Boy. Despite its age, the franchise is still kicking, with versions of the game available on both PSP and DS, and if Magmic’s proven anything, it’s that they can do retro really well.