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Win $100 for your custom theme


GemBlockGemblock’s holding a cool contest for those theme developers out there, where entrants can win a cool $100 for an original theme. This is a great chance for budding theme builders to gain visibility, recieve constructive criticism, and get a look at the work of their fellow developers. And hey, who knows? You might even win the prize. For everyone else, keep an eye on the page for some free themes to test out – no doubt we’ll be seeing some quality submissions soon.

New free theme from Gemblock


SapphireSapphire’s just been released recently for the BlackBerry 8100 on Gemblock, a free theme site that’s been gathering a lot of steam lately. We linked up Gemblock on our Free Themes page not too long ago, and it’s definitely worth checking out. I’m using Flamboyant right now, and it is pretty damned slick. Artem Cheban, Gemblock’s admin, is a young guy still in school but if he keeps pumping out themes of this quality, we wouldn’t be surprised if his stuff started ending up on Bplay’s shelves. So grab those Gemblock themes while they’re free!