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Deal of the Day: Genesis Theme



Genesis theme by JC Designs is a fresh new airy theme with a dedicated slot for WeatherBug or WeatherEye and features a scrolling dock with customizable icons for all devices. Packed with features and functions on the Homescreen to make this one of the few themes that you will need on your Blackberry.

General Features-even more special features on high-end devices:

  • Spicy Fresh Legible Glossy Icons.
  • Dedicated Slot for WeatherBug or WeatherEye.
  • 9 Total Customizable Icons on the HomeScreen.
  • 3 Icons on a Sliding Dock controlled by the User via Slide Buttons.

Buy Genesis for Storm, Bold, Curve, 8900, 8350i, 8800 or Pearl. On sale today for $3.60, that’s 40% off!

Genesis theme for BlackBerry available now for a great discount



Genesis themes for the BlackBerry Storm, BOLD, 8900, 8350i, Curves, 8800 and Pearl have been completed and you can buy one today with a limited time offer discount.

The discounts start today and will end Sunday, April 12th.

Day 1 – $3 till 12am PST
Day 2 – $4 till 12am PST
Day 3 – $4 till 12am PST
Day 4 – $5 till 12am PST
Day 5 – $5 till 12am PST
Day 6 – $6 till 12am PST
Day 7 – $6 till 12am PST

This theme is usually $7 so buy now to get the best possible price.

The Genesis them for BlackBerry can be downloaded now for $3.