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CupidRadar Online Dating Service Shows Off New Free BlackBerry App


CupidRadar has recently launched their BlackBerry app that uses your phones’ location data to find you matches nearby. The dating service boasts a very healthy, nearly 50% women userbase that seems to be a bit rare among their mobile online dating competitors.
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Reader Asks: How Do I Get My Stolen BlackBerry Back?


Location of stolen BlackBerry
This is where Protect places my BlackBerry

Dear BlackBerryCool,

You guys write about apps like BlackBerry Protect and SmrtGuard all the time, and I thought I would give Protect a try. Just my luck, last week I had my BlackBerry stolen and I turned on Protect to see if I could find it. Protect gave me a map with a pin of where my device is, accurate to about 6 meters (ED NOTE: pictured above). So I decided to call the police and report it stolen because it’s technically theft over $500, making it worth police attention. In the report I said I have software installed to help find my BlackBerry and an investigator called me back a few days ago. I gave him the screenshot and he said he would get back to me. This is what he said:
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Tourality Multiplayer Scavenger Hunt Game Now Available


Tourality – GPS Multiplayer Game (featured on BBC’s The Gadget Show)

Tourality is a location-based scavenger hunt game that you can play with up to 40 players. The game challenges you to a race to reach different locations and collect gold. Players can steal gold from you too so beware. As you go through the game trying to find the various goals, you can also use gold to buy gadgets which give you an advantage in the game. For example, you can spend 200 gold on the Blinder gadget, which blinds your opponents for 2 minutes, allowing you to get a lead on them.
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RIM Introduces Cell Tower Geolocation Feature for BlackBerry Developers


We have heard cell tower APIs were coming to BlackBerry for some time now and RIM has made good on the promise. RIM has introduced a new geolocation feature of the Locate Service which should really come in handy for developers making LBS apps. The new Geolocation service uses cell towers to gather quick location information and deliver it to applications. Since no GPS is required, developers can grab location in areas with no GPS coverage.

While the data isn’t as exact as GPS, it’s specific enough to get general points of interest as well as the app can kick in GPS to get more detailed information if needed.
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