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GetGlue for BlackBerry Out of Beta and Available in App World


GetGlue, the entertainment checkin network, has recently launched their BlackBerry app in App World. By checking in to your entertainment with GetGlue, you unlock stickers and can even have real stickers sent to you.

Get Glue has been gaining steam in terms of entertainment checkins and has won the support of movie studios and major TV networks alike, who release official GetGlue stickers as a part of their promotional campaigns. GetGlue for BlackBerry has been in a private beta since early February. Using all the feedback from the BlackBerry community, they’ve been able to quickly work out the bugs and make it publicly available.

Here’s a list of some of GetGlue’s BlackBerry app’s features:
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GetGlue BlackBerry App Now Available in Private Beta



GetGlue has been on a tear ever since the checkin culture has exploded. Now, not only are people checking in the venues and restaurants, but they’re also checkin in the their favorite entertainment such as television shows. By checking in, you unlock badges and physical stickers. Even though there isn’t much of a value proposition, it’s a service that’s growing fast.
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