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AT&T AppCenter Now Features GetJar App Store App



The AT&T AppCenter isn’t the best resource for downloading apps for your BlackBerry. Considering AT&T users have access to carrier billing through App World, it’s not clear why anyone would use it as a source for apps. The app prices are identical and the navigation isn’t as good as App World.

One of the latest moves that makes AppCenter even more convoluted is the addition of the GetJar app store as an app. It’s sort of like a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. More app distribution points are good because it gives users options and the ability to find the lowest price, but it also makes the app market complicated and frustrating for the less advanced users. Maybe GetJar and AT&T should have just found a way to merge their inventories.

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The Three Rounds of the App Store Battle



The mobile app market is maturing fast and as a developer with a successful app in App World, I wanted to prompt some debate on what the next wave of app stores will be like and how we can work together to get there.

Round 1 was started by Handango, and quickly followed by Handmark and MobiHand among others. Their global presence enables developers to deploy once and see their app appear on the Internet and on multiple carrier and affiliate sites. However, download volumes, on-device discoverability and ease of payment were historically poor. Interestingly, none of them (apart from GetJar) focused on free apps. Meanwhile, the carriers were rolling out their own app stores where the majority of downloads were ringtones, screensavers and games, but that was valuable because it educated their customers that downloading apps was possible. In summary, round 1 was the “for profit” app stores. As developers, we have a lot to thank those pioneers for.
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