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BlackBerry Sponsors Haxe NME for Cross-Platform 2D Games


Flash developers will find this interesting: BlackBerry is currently sponsoring the Haxe NME (Neko Media Engine) project on Github. NME allows developers to build cross-platform 2D games or apps. The platform allows developers to deploy to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and BlackBerry, while also supporting Flash Player and HTML5. According to the About section:

“NME mirrors the traditional Flash API, so developers can leverage their existing experience to target new platforms, with better results. Developers with experience in ActionScript 3, Java or C++ can quickly learn to use NME without a long on-ramp.”
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Gameplay: RIM’s Open Source Game Engine for BlackBerry 10 #BB10


Have a PlayBook and looking for high quality native 3D games? Looking forward to playing the latest
and greatest games on the BB10 phones when they come out? Want to have the same quality app
experience your Android and iOS buddies are having? Well there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and
it’s called Gameplay.
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Macadamian’s BlackBerry 10 Cascades App Now Available in Github Open Source Community


Macadamian is a user experience and software design company that was at BlackBerry World and BlackBerry Jam showing off a demo of the work the company has been doing with Cascades. The demo is of an app for a sports apparel company that shows you a graphical representation of how much buzz each team is producing, and therefore giving the business an idea of how much relative inventory it will need. The app uses a combination of OpenGL and Cascades and really shows how beautiful an app on BlackBerry 10 can be.
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RIM Posts WebWorks SDK and API Source Code and More on GitHub



RIM has made some updates to its GitHub open source projects. Both the Individual Contributor Agreement and the Corporate Contributor Agreement to the BlackBerry WebWorks Open Source Software Project have been added, which allows the community to participate in the contribution of both source code and bug fixes to the project. The company has also posted the source code to the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK and APIs for the BlackBerry Tablet OS in the project. Lastly, RIM has updated the list of new APIs that the team is currently developing for the BlackBerry platform. We’ll be keeping an eye on this list to see if there’s anything new and exciting opening up for developers in the near future.

Read more over at RIM’s Developer Blog.