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Giveaway: 5 Free Licenses of Music WithMe iTunes Playlist Sync Solution


Music WithMe allows you to wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists to your BlackBerry. The app does this over a WiFi or cell connection and automatically updates your playlists when you make changes on your desktop. This app runs in the background and works with the native media player so you can store and play your tracks as usual.

The app comes in 2 components: a desktop app that currently only runs on Windows (Mac soon to follow) and an app that you purchase in App World and sits on your device. The app currently costs $14.99 and comes with a 30 day free trial.

Since launch a few short weeks ago, Music WithMe has synced over 500,000 tracks! To celebrate Music WithMe’s recent success on BlackBerry, they are offering BlackBerry Cool readers the chance to win 5 free licenses to Music WithMe. To win, simply comment on this thread with a valid email, Twitter or Facebook account. Guest accounts are not eligible.

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SmrtGuard Updates and Celebrates 1 Year Birthday with Giveaways


SmrtGuard has just released version 2.52 of their personal protection app that now adds Twitter support to the Personal Guardian Feature. The Personal Guardian feature is a panic button that alerts specific contacts if you’re in trouble and delivers a message as well as your location. The feature will alert your contacts by email, SMS, phone call, and now Twitter.

Today, SmrtGuard is also celebrating their 1 year anniversary. To celebrate SmrtGuard’s 1 Year birthday and thank all the users that have supported them, they are giving away the following:
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Complete a Poynt Survey and Win a $100 Gift Certificate


If you’re a Poynt user, than Multiplied Media (developers of Poynt), are offering you the chance to win a $100 gift certificate at your favorite restaurant. All you have to do is fill out their survey (it takes 5 minutes), and give them some feedback on the Poynt app.

Take the Poynt survey at this link.

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MobileQs Trivia Game Release New Question Packs with 50 Free Copies


MobileQs is a great trivia game for BlackBerry that is based on a main game with 1,100 questions, and the ability to expand and upgrade your game with more question packs from different categories. This extends the play and gives you more fun without having to buy a new game. MobileQs has recently released three new expansion packs to their popular BlackBerry trivia game. With over 20 new question packs in progress, expect a lot more updates from MobileQs in the near future.

MobileQs Trivia Game features:

  • 1100 Questions – the most on the market.
  • Expansion packs so you can easily add more questions without buying a new game.
  • Questions include current events as recent at 2010.
  • There are dozens of levels which increase in difficulty.
  • 3 different types of hints: eliminate answers, poll the people, and replace the question.
  • Top 10 High Scores.

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Ditto SMS Chat App for BlackBerry with 100 Free Copies


Ditto Turns your BlackBerry into an SMS chat room by allowing you to text multiple people. The app also gives you control of identities and chat permissions of the participants. If you and your friends text message a lot, this app could be fun.

Ditto is available for purchase on App World and they are also offering BlackBerryCool readers 100 free copies.

To get your free copy, head over to hivemindtech.com/main/tryditto and use the coupon code bbcool777.

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Moby Looking for Beta Testers for Personal Security App


Moby is a new app that is currently in Alpha and they’re looking for Beta testers. Through a series of customizable alerts, a user can connect and direct chosen contacts or professional security to their location in an emergency.

Moby has some of the following features to protect the owner and alert their contacts:

  • Set a secret button on your phone that instantly sends an alert to your family, colleagues, or professionals – depending on your level of service.
  • Set a recurring schedule for your phone to ask ‘Are you okay?’ If you don’t respond, Moby automatically notifies your contacts.
  • Set a schedule to automatically send your location on a Google map to your contacts, so everyone knows where you are when it counts.
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