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Gizmo Theme by Elecite With Rack System Application Access


Gizmo is a newish theme from Elecite that has their trademark futuristic look and feel, and helps you get your most used applications up-front-and-center for convenient use. The Gizmo theme organizes your applications in a rack system with each icon spaced in a slot that can be rearranged based on priority. Also, Gizmo has a customizable icon dock at the bottom with 4 customizable icons and a dedicated clock spot. This theme is also wallpaper friendly with a trigger underneath the time that closes the rack and allows for an unobstructed view of the glory you’ve downloaded to your device.

More information about the Gizmo theme available from Elecite.

Also, for all you Elecite fans, be sure to check out their Storm 3 mock up. It’s “out there” and sort of unbelievable that RIM would go with a crystal, almost concept-phone style design.

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Gizmo brings VoIP to BlackBerry


GizmoGizmo has been doing a desktop client for SIP VoIP calls, but now they’re moving into mobile territory with a beta version of their Skype-esque software. Keep in mind that this is still in beta and by the sounds of the forums there’s still a lot of ironing out to be done, but who can argue with cheaper long-distance calling? Besides the calls, they’ve also got a meta chat client which lets you IM buddies on Gizmo, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, and Jabber.