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BIS 3.0 2-Way Gmail Sync in EMEA? Let Us Know!


We received an email yesterday about EMEA users possibly having 2-way Gmail sync upgrades, and reading around the blogs it seems miBlackBerry are reporting this as well. The comments and forum posts have been a little confused about the situation, as some users think they have it, while others don’t. I thought I would put it out to any EMEA readers and see if they noticed the 2-way Gmail sync. The original tip came from Vodafone Spain.

Let us know if you’re upgraded and now get 2-way Gmail sync.

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BIS 3.0 Coming March 28th with Gmail Sync in Spring 2010


We have been talking about the coming BIS 3.0 update for a while now and there has been a lot of speculation as to whether Gmail sync will be included in the update. It seems the BIS 3.0 update will come to North America this weekend, on March 28th, and 2-way Gmail sync will come later, by Spring 2010.

The official documents tell us exactly when this update will occur:

  • There will be scheduled network maintenance by Research In Motion (RIM) affecting BIS customers between 0100 CT / 0200 EDT on March 28th and 0500 CT / 0600 EDT on March 28th.
  • The estimated duration of impact is 4 hours and affects 100% of BIS customers.

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BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of March 15th


Some big news this week included pictures of the BlackBerry Slider, some BIS 3.0 details as well as more pictures of the upcoming Pearl 9100. The Slider is shaping up to be an interesting form factor from RIM, but it could be a headache for developers. This means that the device will launch with limited software available, and I can only imagine how bare a Slider’s App World will look at launch. This is standard practice from RIM as it took developers a few months to catch up after the Storm launched.

BIS 3.0 was supposed to bring 2-way Gmail sync and now it’s not clear whether this is actually going to happen. We’ll have to wait until the service launches in North America, but it Gmail sync may not come until BIS 3.1.

Other than the above, we have a ton of posts regarding cool software you should check out. Some of my favorite apps including Visible Vote (I’m Canadian but I just like the concept), Opera Mini and LaterDude Pro, have all been updated this week. Also be sure to check out the “Other” section of this week’s roundup as we have some good editorial content you won’t find anywhere else.
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BIS 3.0 Roundup: Gmail Sync Feature Still Unconfirmed


There is a lot going around about the recent announcement of BIS 3.0 and some confusion about whether it will include a Gmail 2-way sync. The first users to get the update were in South-East Asia, with EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) following. Users in these regions have been reporting a lack of Gmail sync leaving North American users wondering if it’s going to happen. The official announcement on the support forums recognizes the existence of Gmail sync via an updated plugin, but this doesn’t seem to be available. The RIM knowledgebase mentions the Gmail plugin, but fails to acknowledge the sync features. This could just be a blunder on the part of whoever wrote the article. Overall, it seems we’re going to see the plugin, but perhaps not until version 3.1. We’ll have to wait for the 3.0 upgrade and see.
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Gmail 2-way syncing coming soon to BlackBerry



Using some of the finer functions and features of Gmail are about to improve. The soon to be implemented Two-way syncing will mean you can edit labels, and more from your desktop, with the changes reflected on your BlackBerry. At present this sort of syncing only works from device to desktop. This two-way feature will mean better mail management with fewer steps no matter where you’re making changes from.