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Track Email and Gain Insight With ContactMonkey Bridge Plugin


ContactMonkey is the startup that recently brought a simple way to share your contact information via an email signature. The idea is brilliant in that it allows you to provide someone with a single landing page, formatted for mobile, that you can share and have all your details downloaded. The company’s latest product is the Bridge Plugin and it allows you to track who is opening your emails as well as view analytics around who you’re emailing most and when.
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Google Axes Redundant Native Gmail Client for BlackBerry


Google has announced that they’re cutting support for their native gmail client for BlackBerry as of November 22nd. Some mobile industry writers believe that this is some kind of corporate maneuvering to make the Android platform more appealing. I think it’s obvious that most BlackBerry users prefer accessing their Gmail accounts using the BlackBerry email client. I applaud Google’s decision to remove an app that didn’t mesh well with their software philosophy of keeping interfaces clean, simple and fast.

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Mimecast Launches Cloud-Based Email Archiving Solution for BlackBerry


Mimecast has announced an enterprise solution for email archiving that gives users access to their entire personal archive through the standard BlackBerry interface. The solution looks pretty cool and we’re expecting something similar for consumers who also wish to access their entire email archive while on the go. Continue reading after the jump.
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Boomerang Mobile for Gmail Lets You Schedule Emails, Reminders and More


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Xobni Expanding to Gmail, iPhone and Android – Sign Up For Preview



Xobni has announced that they’re coming to Gmail, Android and iPhone. The company has opened up Beta and Alpha testing and you can head over to the respective pages and sign up for the Gmail Beta, Android Alpha and iPhone Alpha.

Xobni for Gmail beta comes as a browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox that shows up as a sidebar in Gmail and helps users search and manage their relationships effortlessly. It creates rich profiles for anyone you’ve ever emailed in Gmail, similar to what users have come to expect in the Outlook product. These profiles include name, picture, job title, company, and full social network details. Xobni is also introducing new features such as relationship history, predictive autosuggest that suggests related contacts and a multimedia module to view social insights.
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AstraSync Updated to 4.1 Beta 1 with AutoDiscover and Email Auto-Save


AstraSync has gone version 4.1 Beta 1 (4.1.6) and now supports AutoDiscover, email draft auto-save, sync pausing and contains multiple performance improvements and bug fixes.

AstraSync is a BlackBerry synchronization app that does a two-way OTA sync of email, calendar and contact data with Exchange ActiveSync compatible servers including Microsoft Exchange, MailSite Fusion, Exchange Online, BPOS, CommuniGate Pro, Zimbra, Scalix, FirstClass, Open-Xchange, Kerio MailServer, SmarterMail, Axigen, Google Sync and Gmail.

Major enhancements to AstraSync include:

  • Support for AutoDiscover.
  • Email draft auto-save.
  • Throttling of background operations to improve performance.
  • Ability to Pause when synchronizing large numbers of changes.
  • Ability to create a new contact from email recipients.
  • Shortcut keys (page up / down etc) now supported on all screens.

AstraSync supports almost all BlackBerry devices except 7000, 8100 and 8700 devices. To download this version, visit the AstraSync beta portal with your BlackBerry browser at astrasync.com/beta.

Release notes can be found at the AstraSync site.

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