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RIM developing an Enhanced Gmail Plugin for BlackBerry



To date, the Gmail experience on BlackBerry hasn’t met the standards that most users expect. According to a few screenshots leaked on BlackBerryForum(de), RIM is going to be improving the experience with an upcoming Enhanced Gmail Plugin. As you can see above, it includes:

* See your Gmail based emails in Conversation View for simple topic management
* Add and remove labels and stars to emails to keep inbox organized
* Archive and report as spam actions for mailbox management on the go
* Search your entire Gmail inbox

You’ll need BIS 2.7 for the plugin, and feel free to try and get in the beta program. If you do get in the beta program, let us know what you think.



BlackBerry Knowledge Base: enhanced webmail accounts


RIM has released a BlackBerry Knowledge Base article explaining which webmail accounts have enhanced BIS integration. While this may seem extremely boring, it’s actually pretty important, as the knowledge base effectively indicates which webmail accounts receive push-like email delivery speeds. Check out the list below to see if your webmail account is the recipient of a little extra love from the boys and girls of Waterloo.

Enhanced integration of webmail accounts is available with the following service providers:

    * AOL
    o Near real-time delivery of email messages
    o AOL Mail icon on the BlackBerry smartphone Home screen
    * Yahoo!
    o Near real-time delivery of email messages
    o Yahoo! Mail icon on the BlackBerry smartphone Home screen
    * Gmail
    o Near real-time delivery of email messages
    * Windows Live Hotmail/MSN
    o Near real-time delivery of email messages
    o Premium account is no longer required for BlackBerry Internet Service email account integration
    * Hostopia
    o Near real-time delivery of email messages
    * GoDaddy
    o Near real-time delivery of email messages

Enhanced webmail integrations for the BlackBerry Internet Service

Gmail Mobile 2.0.6 now released for BlackBerry


Much like Kevin, I too spent most of my time at the BBDC praising the two nice gents from Google, but soon left them alone after they refused my third request for a job (one day…). Turns out it was a good thing I left them alone, as they were busy prepping an update to Gmail Mobile 2.0. Gmail Mobile has always been a must-have app for Gmail users that want to keep their Gmails separate from their regular BlackBerry inbox, and the Google team has made it even better. The most notable updates are basic offline support and multiple account management, but you can see the full update breakdown after the jump!

Head to m.google.com/mail to download the new version. Google: my offer still stands. I will work for peanuts.

Gmail Mobile 2.0.6 updates

Google teams up with emoze


emozeEmoze has announced today that they’re now offering free push Gmail on any cellphone out there. We remember emoze, right? Emoze has been openly targeting RIM as a competitor, and now they’re horning in on their Google turf, which is fair game. Making nice with Google is good for business. There’s a divide in what folks want in e-mail: those who need the whole shebang, and those who just want to occasionally check their personal e-mail, and emoze is going after the latter. While RIM obviously doesn’t have to worry about losing their full-feature customers, emoze’s free push e-mail certainly raises the bar for capturing a casual market.