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TELUS BlackBerry Tour 9630 unlocked



My TELUS BlackBerry Tour 9630 has been unlocked by the good folks at Cellfservices.com and it’s working smoothly. It’s still relatively expensive to get your device unlocked, but that’s just because it’s such a new device. It’s expensive being an early adopter. Unlocking your Tour costs:

Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 – $21.99
Telus and Bell BlackBerry Tour 9630 (0-72 hours) – $71.99

Some other unlocking prices include:

All AT&T phones except Nokias – $7.97
All Fido phones except Samsung – $9.99
All Rogers phones except iPhone and LG Neon – $9.99
Verizon Storm – $17.99
Telus and Bell Storm 1-3 weeks – $56.99
T-mobile Blackberrys – $7.97
Telus and Bell Storm Express 24-72 hours – $74.99
Verizon Tour – $21.99
Telus and Bell Tour 0-72 hours – $71.99

Get your BlackBerry unlocked at a great price.


Using your BlackBerry Storm in Asia – Where has your BlackBerry been?


BlackBerry on the beach

Today someone posted on CnetAsia, “[Can you] use a US-bought BlackBerry Storm in Singapore?” The answer was provided by John Chan, Assistan Editor at CnetAsia, who says:

Because it has GSM and UMTS radios, yes, a US-bought Storm will work in Singapore. But, and this is a very big but, you will incur roaming charges because very likely, the phone will be locked to the Verizon network in the US and you won’t be able to simply make use of SIM cards from a Singapore operator.

Furthermore, getting the handheld will require you to sign a contract with Verizon. So there are many barriers that will prevent you from using a US-bought Storm in Singapore. It’s probably safer to wait for its official release in Asia.

I recently got back from Seoul, South Korea where my BlackBerry picked up a calling signal, but I was too afraid of turning on the data roaming for fear of getting hit with a giant bill. I’m curious, where have you taken your BlackBerry?

Comment with the model and location.