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Tungle.me Available for Enterprise Deployment to Google Apps Users


Google Apps has been an incredible cost saver for SMBs and the Google Apps Marketplace is a great place to discover productivity tools that will help your business. One of those productivity tools is Tungle.me, which is now available to companies who want an easy way to schedule meetings internally or with clients.

Check out Tungle.me in the Google Apps Marketplace.

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TripIt Now Available for Google Apps Users


TripIt let us know that they’re now providing their free TripIt travel service to the 2 million companies using Google Apps (BlackBerryCool included). TripIt have been rapidly growing their business with new partnerships via the open travel API. For example, soon you will see a new “Add to TripIt” function on Hotwire.com, and a partnership with BCD Travel is scheduled to launch next month.

Try TripIt for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions About BES Express


The official BlackBerry blog have put up a FAQ answer page for BES Express, with a few helpful details about the new service. BES Express means you get full push and sync BlackBerry services, and your IT department gets a secure management system, all for free. The services will not cost your organization additional licenses, making it very affordable. Personally, I’m still waiting to hear more about how BES Express will interact with Google Apps, and a few of the commenters have asked this question.

Head over to Inside BlackBerry to read the FAQ.

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How To Setup Google Apps for Your Company and BlackBerry



Recently, I shut down my Rackspace service and switched the company to Google Apps. While some users have complained that BIS email is slow, I’ve noticed a very manageable difference in delivery times for BIS versus BES. Also, whatever features I have lost in terms of contact sync and email delivery, I have definitely made up for in savings. Sure, there are some setbacks with Google Apps in terms of user experience, and I no longer have FANATICAL support, but with savings of $150-$200 per month, I’m happy with my choice. Here is a guide for anyone looking to migrate over to Google Apps.
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