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Baseline Data Systems Announces Office Accelerator Wireless BlackBerry Sync


office accelerator

Baseline Data Systems has announced the release of Office Accelerator Wireless BlackBerry sync service. As an alternative to Google Sync, Office Accelerator’s content relationship management software offers more functionality when syncing to the desktop and outlook with the BlackBerry.

Office Accelerator solves the limitations of Google Sync by allowing for unlimited contacts and calendar events to sync. In addition to deeper sync limits, Office Accelerator also offers free phone support from trained technical pros. The Office Accelerator software ships with a full client contact manager that allows users to network their PCs without the need for an Exchange server or BES. Office Accelerator requires no cables and syncing can be done over the air wherever you have network access. Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Outlook 2010 also come built-in.
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