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BerryBuzz Updated with Google Voice and OS 6 Social Feeds Support



BerryBuzz has been one of the best selling BlackBerry apps for some time now and it’s surprising that RIM didn’t include the same custom LED functionality in BlackBerry 6. Considering the popularity of this app, it’s clearly something that BlackBerry users would use more if it were native. On the other hand, it’s good to keep the app economy thriving and you don’t want to eat everyone’s lunch.

BerryBuzz has recently been updated to version 3.1.11 and it now features:

  • Added support for Google Voice, AP Mobile, Nimbuzz, latest SocialScope Beta, Trillian, Pingchat, Kik Messenger, Blaq, Pocket Informant, myKite and OS 6 social feeds
  • Fixed IM+ support
  • Added item search/filter (simply start typing while in the BerryBuzz list)

Check out the latest version of BerryBuzz in the store.

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Google Voice Updated to Version


Google Voice Update

Google Voice has been updated to version and as per the usual Google updates, there is no change log. It would be fun to talk about even minor performance improvements but nothing is certain. Feel free to download the latest update and let us know if you find anything.

UPDATE from Google Voice Blog: The Google Voice update features “direct access numbers” which lets users place calls much faster. Until this update, the Google Voice app had to make a request to the Google Voice server which added some lag to the service. With Direct Access Numbers, users have a unique phone number assigned to them for every person you call. This means you no longer have to access the server each time you make a call and the whole process is faster.

Download Google Voice from m.google.com/voice.

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Google Voice Updated to Version 0.1.7


Tim wrote in to say Google Voice has been updated to version 0.1.7 at m.google.com/voice. Google Voice is a useful app that allows you to make calls and send SMS using your Google Voice number. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple devices, or if you change carriers. Check out the latest version and let us know what you think.

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Google Voice updated to version with minor updates



Google Voice allows users to make calls and send SMS from your Google Voice number. You can listen to your voicemail and read transcripts of the message too. Like almost everything Google does, they’re helping propel the industry forward and this particular app is going to save you money.

While the BlackBerry app requires a Google Voice account, Google has let everyone know that they are allowing users to invite friends. This means that the app will take a leap in the beta testing phase and make its way to the average consumer in the near future.

If you have Google Voice, you should see the latest update is version Nothing crazy to report but we aren’t sure because a change log is not included. So far the forums are reporting improved compatibility with OS 5 and that the Google Voice access number has changed.

What changes have you noticed?

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Google Voice application now available for BlackBerry



The Google Voice app has launched for BlackBerry today, making quick searches much easier to perform on your device.

The news comes from Google Voice’s Vincent Paquet who has confirmed that users will not only be able to place calls on their devices and have recipients’ calls display the Google Voice number, but it will also make it possible to view voicemail transcripts within the application as opposed to through the mobile web.

You can download Google Voice for BlackBerry OTA at http://m.google.com/voice