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How Does RIM Succeed in Enterprise/Government When All Smartphones Are FIPS Certified?


Recently, RIM was at GTEC, Canada’s Government Technology Event, where Paul Lucier, Head of Global Government Solutions, was talking about BYOD, BES 10 and a little bit of BlackBerry 10. During the same day, RIM was also presenting its progress on BlackBerry 10 at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier. While there wasn’t much new on the BlackBerry 10 side of things (at least since what we saw at BlackBerry Jam), it was interesting to see RIM tout its FIPS certifications and announce that BlackBerry 10 was FIPS certified before launch (an industry first). But RIM isn’t unique in its ability to get FIPS certification. Other smartphones will get it. So what is RIM’s competitive advantage in a market where its competitors are also FIPS certified?
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How to Get Your Android App BlackBerry Ready: Fungitron for Playbook


Fungitron is a very detailed resource on mushrooms, originally available for Android devices it has been ported to the Playbook platform. You’ve probably heard a lot about how easy it is to get your existing Android app working on the BlackBerry Playbook, Here’s Peter Kovacs’ first hand account of the whole process.
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iOS Gets Preferential Treatment in Twitter Streams With “View App” Feature


Here’s something you may or may not have noticed: Apple is the only smartphone company that Twitter helps promote downloads by augmenting tweets that point to the App Store. App Discovery for iOS apps happens right in the Twitter stream by allowing users to click a “View App” button and then look at screenshots, a description and the icon of the app before clicking through to the App Store. Twitter and Apple have a great relationship, and Apple has implemented a lot of native Twitter sharing in its OS, but so has BlackBerry. If fact, BlackBerry is probably responsible for more Twitter user sign-ups than Apple, and yet BlackBerry App World doesn’t get the same treatment. Android and Windows Phone app tweets are also not augmented by Twitter.
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Why Are Some Major Canadian Festivals Ignoring Its BlackBerry Fans?


There’s a trend we’ve noticed at festivals lately where BlackBerry support is being dropped. This hasn’t always been the case. For some festivals, there was a previous app and for the most recent year it’s completely absent. It’s not enough to say “well BlackBerry is on the downward swing in North America” because that doesn’t address the current market share. Many of these festivals have enourmous BlackBerry support. For example, Bluesfest happens in Ottawa, Canada, where there’s probably a larger BlackBerry userbase than iPhone. For some reason, the organizers of the festival have a misconception about BlackBerry and don’t feel like investing the resources. Why do we say it’s the organizers? Because the companies that make these apps have the resources and the developers to address the platform, so it seems the client isn’t requesting it (to their own detriment).

The Calgary Stampede is a great example of this. PurpleForge is the development company behind the Calgary Stampede iPhone app but there is no BlackBerry version available. It’s not like PurpleForge can’t do BlackBerry, its App World vendor account has 14 apps in App World, one of which is for the City of Calgary. The only explanation is that the client simply didn’t want it.
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In A World Of “Free”, Money Takes Center Stage At SXSW


SXSW (South By Southwest) Interactive is notorious for giving everything away free t-shirts, free food, free drinks, free apps, free, free, free. It’s practically your “right” as a show attendee that you shouldn’t have to spend money on anything; except maybe a pedal-cab ride. This year, however, it’s not the big new free app that’s capturing everyone’s attention, it’s money.

Everywhere you turn in Austin there’s another way to buy, sell, get a deal or somehow exchange payment. There have even been more than a handful of sessions on mobile payments. The speakers are claiming that “now” is the time for mobile payments to really take off. With options from gamified payments to payment within well-known apps to NFC, it could make your head spin. I haven’t honestly seen one super-standout app, but I’ve downloaded quite a few options to give them a try. And I’ve spoken to the others to find out what makes them tick.
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RIM Hosting BlackBerry Developer Jam Sessions at SXSW #BBJamSXSW


RIM is hosting a BlackBerry developer jam session for developers where you can meet BlackBerry experts and develop a killer app. BlackBerry devs are there to help you implement NFC in your app or help it go viral. Also, developers can bring their best app ideas and pitch it for a free BlackBerry PlayBook. There doesn’t seem to be any real restrictions, so even if your idea is “port my existing app” you’ll probably walk away with a free tablet. Android devs should definitely head over as the BlackBerry Jam Session is right near the Google Village too.
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