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Smarter Apps Releases Google+ App for BlackBerry With Instant Photo Upload and More


Smarter Apps has just launched a beta version of its Google+ app for BlackBerry. One of the coolest features of the app is that it lets you automatically upload images to Google+ that you take with your camera. Generally, we don’t hear of many people using Google+ and it seems like a pretty lackluster social network, but perhaps this BlackBerry app will bring some new interest in the social network from #teamblackberry.
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Sometimes It’s Great That Startups Ignore BlackBerry


Sometimes it’s nice to get a break from the startup world. It seems Silicon Valley churns out the next “game changing” startup about once a month and the vast majority of these companies are a waste of everybody’s time. Take Kevin Rose’s Oink for example. It’s not a bad a idea, it’s just a waste of your time. No offence to Rose because Oink would be awesome if everyone in your city used it, but that’s incredibly unlikely. What’s more likely is that this idea will pivot about six times until it’s something very different than what it started, or the idea will simply fade into oblivion. In the meantime, if you’re an iPhone user and your friends are into trying every free app that hits the App Store, you will likely get bombarded with friend requests for each of these startups.
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Dear Mint.com, Please Submit Your Android App to the PlayBook


The BlackBerry Developer team has been working hard to get Android developers to port their apps to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Recently, Mint.com released its Android tablet app and we think this is a great time for the company to submit the app to App World. This makes a lot of sense considering many users have had trouble accessing the Mint.com site from a PlayBook, and BlackBerry’s “get it done” crowd loves a good finance app.
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5 Android Games We Want Ported to BlackBerry 10


The BlackBerry Dev Blog has recently reached out to developers and asked them to get their Android apps ready for the PlayBook OS 2 launch. The Android app grab makes a lot of sense for RIM’s platform, especially because BlackBerry 10 is going to launch with far fewer apps than a legacy BlackBerry user would have access to. How do you think people will react when they realize that their BlackBerry 10 smartphone won’t have all the apps they paid for, and the catalog of available apps could be 10,000 versus 60,000? RIM is going to have to grab a significant number of new developers and apps as well as convert many of its Java developers in order to create a solid app ecosystem at launch.
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Google Plus Would Benefit From More BlackBerry Support


This has surely happened to you: you’ve tried to “Plus1″ an article for Google Plus but your BlackBerry is not supported. Currently, a Bold 9900 OS 7.1 device gets an error message if you try and +1 an article or website. For a company the size of Google, with its engineer-heavy staff, support for OS 7 should be trivial.
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Why Do You Care What Smartphone Someone Chooses?


Have you ever been at a bar or dinner with your friends and someone sees you with a BlackBerry and says something like “you have a BLACKBERRY?!” like you just pulled out a KKK membership card? It goes both ways too. BlackBerry and Android users are just as annoying when it comes to mocking or questioning someone’s smartphone choice. People have started to internalize their smartphone choice and its become something they have to vehemently defend to their friends and colleagues. How did we get here? Do you question any other consumer product choice? You never hear “I can’t believe you bought a GILLETTE razor?!” .
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