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MobileTracker GPS Tracklog App Updated with Torch Support and Sale


Skylab Mobilesystems Ltd. just released version 1.5 of their popular GPS tracking application MobileTracker for BlackBerry. The latest update includes full BlackBerry Torch support as well as a BlackBerry Maps preview feature. To coincide with the update announcement, MobileTracker is available for a special introductory offer of 50% off. Other features of the app include:

  • Records a GPS tracklog.
  • Elevation and time can be tracked.
  • Easy one-click tracklog recording.
  • Extensive statistical information and background tracking.

Check out MobileTracker in the BlackBerryCool Store.

Runtastic Fitness App Helps You Train with GPS Tracking and Fitness Diary


runtastic app

Runtastic is a new fitness app for BlackBerry that helps you get the most out of your exercise routine, by tracking your progress using GPS. The app logs your distance, provides you with visualizations about your routine, and lets you keep track of your progress with a training diary.
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New GPS Rangefinder Golf App by AccelGolf Now Available


This week, AccelGolf launched a new BlackBerry version of their GPS Rangefinder and Scorecard app. The app works for the BlackBerry Curve, Bold, Tour, Storm, Storm2, 8800, and Pearl models. The GPS Rangefinder app provides three modes of distance tracking:

Landmarks View - Use this list of landmarks to check your precise distance to the front, center, and back of green, and distance to hazards.

Aerial Hole View - See the entire course before tee-off to determine distances for your planned strokes. Plan all shots before tee-off with a plotter that provides distances required for each stroke.

Aerial Green View - Before your approach shot, check your distance to any point on the green with pinpoint accuracy.
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BlackBerry Speedometer App for Internal and External GPS


Skylab Mobilesystems has launched a speedometer app that uses the GPS to track your speed and display it in a variety of units including m/s (meters per second), km/h (kilometers per hour), mi/h (miles per hour), knots (identical with nautical miles per hour). Skylab has suggested that this app isn’t very effective when walking in the city, because tall buildings might block or reflect the GPS signal. The GPS works best in an open area outside, which makes this app perfect for a hobby such as boating.

Features include:

  • Hooks up to internal and external Bluetooth GPS receivers.
  • Shows current speed provided by GPS receiver.
  • Large digits for easy reading when you’re on the move.
  • GPS can be turned on/off manually.

This speedometer app is very reasonably priced at $2.99. More information in the store.

Golf GPS for BlackBerry: Free Range Finder and Mapping App


Golf GPS for BlackBerry is a golf course mapping application that acts as a range finder as well as giving you a top-down look at the course. Swing by Swing has developed Golf GPS to use their user-generated golf course database. At present, the database has more than 8500 golf courses on file, with new ones easily added to the database using the Golf GPS app.

Swing by Swing also offers a premium golf course mapping service. If your course is not on their list and you don’t want to enter the map details yourself, you can spend $11.99 to have the experts at Swing by Swing staff map it for you.

Download free Golf GPS for your BlackBerry Curve, Storm, or Bold

Hertz RentACar launches rental car booking app


Hertz has launched a rental car booking app for BlackBerry. The app can use GPS to find the closest Hertz location, shop from their lot’s availability and save favorite locations.

The developers say that the next version will feature Storm support, the ability to edit your current reservation(s), multi-language support, WiFi and cell tower positioning to get positioning data even indoors.

I’m surprised at how many apps omit Storm support from their flagship launch. You would figure developing an accompanying iPhone app would allow you to use the iphone art assets for your Storm port.

I am however, glad to see developers getting curious about the more robust assisted GPS data that RIM is implementing. Imagine how much better all the GPS driven apps will with accurate indoor GPS data.

Download the Hertz RentACar app from BlackBerry App World.