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Emacberry Goes on App Updating Blitz: FileScout, GPSLogger II, TOMPlayer and LittleBrother


It’s Monday for everyone else but Matthias Marquardt has been busy updating his amazingly useful BlackBerry apps. The updates cover a lot of eMacBerry apps such as Dropbox-enabled FileScout, location logger GPSLogger II, audio book player TOMPlayer and location automation tool LittleBrother.

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Wikitude Announces First Augmented Reality SDK


Augmented Reality Pioneer Wikitude announced the first Augmented Reality SDK. The beta release of the Wikitude SDK allows developers to quickly deploy AR features into their BlackBerry 10 apps.
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Foursquare 5.2.2 for BlackBerry Goes Live


Everyone’s favourite location-based social network Foursquare continues to roll out new features with another big update.
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Foursquare for BlackBerry Updated to 5.0


Everyone’s favourite location-based social network for mobile has updated their BlackBerry app. On the heels of the release of the iOS and Android 5.0 Foursquare update, the BlackBerry update features all the same feature improvements. In addition to a graphical update, Foursquare 5 for BlackBerry also polished the user interface making it easier to share your whereabouts.
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OnStar RemoteLink App Arrives On BlackBerry


The OnStar RemoteLink app displays up-to-date vehicle information such as oil level, tire pressure, fuel level and lifetime miles per gallon. The app also offers users remote commands, including remote start, door lock/unlock and horn/light activation.
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LittleBrother Updated to Version gets BBM features


LittleBrother is a lightweight application by emacberry that lets you inform friends and family about your location. The app is very helpful in letting people know when you’re about to arrive at their home, or it can also be configured to turn on your Wifi radio when you arrive home or at the office based on cell tower you’re using. This update to the app features a lot of BBM-connected features.
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