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GPSLogger II Location and Geocaching App Goes Open Beta with More Features



GPSLogger is a straight forward app by emacberry that records your location over time including elevation, speed and some other data. GPSLogger can direct you to a location as well as it includes a “Guide Me Home” feature that makes the app useful for geocaching. In a recent update, the product has gone open beta with GPSLogger II, and features:

  • Usage of BlackBerry Maps
  • Additional/Multiple Views
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Sharing Location

If you’re looking for a new map and location app, this is definitely one to try. Check out OTA download at emacberry.com/ota/gpslogger2.jad.

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Free GPS app gives full GPS functionality for BlackBerry



GPSLogger is a free piece of software that records your GPS location on your BlackBerry, including elevation and speed. Additionally, GPSLogger is able to guide you to a previously recorded location using the “Guide me Home” feature.

Core features of GPSLogger include:

  • Record your movement over time.
  • Displays longitude, latitude and accuracy for longitude and latitude values.
  • Displays number of satellites.
  • Displays current altitude (in WGS84).
  • Gives current course/heading as well as current speed.

This application also has a variety of views available:

  • Path View: Display the traveled path in a x/y coordinate system (2D-View).
  • Elevation View: Display the change of altitude over time.
  • Speed View: Display the change of speed over time.
  • GPS View: Display Longitude, Latitude, Heading and Speed in a large font (e.g. for own navigation).
  • Timing View: Display elapsed time, current speed and Ø speed in a large font (e.g. for runners and cyclists).
  • Compass View: Display the current heading in a nice compass view (OS4.6+ only).
  • Direction View: Shows an arrow/line that points into the direction of loaded location (according to your current heading).

Download your free copy of GPSLogger for BlackBerry.

OTA for OS4.2.1+

OTA for OS4.6+