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Gracenote to rock your BlackBerry’s music files


After stumbling on a story about a recent Sony acquisition, I learned about Gracenote, which does a lot of work with digital music files, and apparently plays nice with BlackBerry. Back in the day I used to use Winamp which used Gracenote’s CDDB system to gather up information like album and genre to tack onto my files. You might remember hearing about Sony Ericsson’s TrackID program, which recognizes music that you just hold your phone close to, and is clearly powered by Gracenote. iTunes will be a great converging point for Gracenote and the BlackBerry Bold, but I’m really hopeful to see the other services Gracenote offers, like lyrics lookup, music discovery, and handsfree music navigation. Around CES time, it sounded like RIM was being troublesome about getting the service onto BlackBerrys, but I think it’s safe to say everyone would love to have this software preloaded on every device.