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Ultranarrow Band Mobile Network for Objects Launches in France


Sounding a bit like a QNX dream realized, a French startup called SigFox has launched their low-powered, long range mobile network for inanimate objects. Projects like this exist elsewhere like in wireless natural gas meters but this project has a bigger scope as it allows for various products and services.
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Fido Launches LTE Network in 6 Canadian Cities


Canadian Carrier Fido has launched their LTE network in 6 cities today with more to follow in the coming months. They begun the LTE services with a mobile hotspot product and also offer LTE SIMs for people who bring their existing LTE device to Fido.
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GSM Data Comparison: EDGE vs 3G vs WiFi


BlackBerry 2G vs 3G

Over the past year, mobile data has become a topic in the mainstream media. The stories are mostly about AT&T’s network growing pains, how iPhone users are overtaxing the networks and are experiencing greatly reduced bandwidth as a result.

Carriers love talking about bandwidth. It seems to be the only thing that matters in terms of mobile data. When the iPhone 3G came out, the dumbed-down line that was used to describe the difference between 2G and 3G in Appleā€™s marketing was that 3G is “twice as fast”.

I have been trying to make heads or tails of this whole data speed thing for quite some time. I had noticed in more than a few instances that 2G is just as fast, and sometimes faster than 3G. With all this marketing about how much faster 3G is, I set out to do a few tests of my own to determine if 3G is a must-have, or if carriers are trying to oversell the technology as a giant leap when it’s really just an incremental step.
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BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of December 25th


Inverted BlackBerry Cool Zen Background Image

Hopefully you had a great New Year’s and you’re enjoying a long holiday. There were some cool apps launched this week as well as some good editorials. If you’ve been taking a break from the blogs, here is a recap post to get you up to speed.
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GSM Algorithm Cracked Leaving Voice Calls Unsecure



When we last spoke with Cellcrypt, they told us about a group of white hat hackers in Germany who were attempting to crack the GSM codebook. The group is led by Karsten Nohl, and yesterday news broke that his team have cracked the GSM algorithm, technically known as the A5/1 privacy algorithm. The algorithm is used to tell your voice call to hop frequencies, thus encrypting your call. Each mobile device is given a key, which decodes the hopping algorithm so you can listen to a call.
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BlackBerry Storm 9550 aka Storm 2 video review


Be sure to check this video out soon because it’s going to be pulled from YouTube any minute now. This is a prerelease device review so it’s important to take it with a grain of salt.

While the outside will likely not change by the time it comes to market, the software will for sure. The reviewer is using an outdated OS, and the device he’s using doesn’t even come with WiFi.

Even though the OS is outdated, the responsiveness of the device is incredible. The reviewer can bounce back and forth between the homescreen and the icon page with almost no latency.

Another interesting feature is how the memory is broken down. There is Device Memory, Application Memory and Media Card memory. On this reviewer’s device, there is 149.9 MB of application memory (nothing to boast about), 1.8 GB of internal memory (couldn’t more of this have been used for apps?) and 14.8 GB of Media Card memory.

It was good to see the device have the new BlackBerry Messenger with the QR code system, but again, the reviewer is using an old OS.

Again, the device is much more responsive. The reviewer describes the typing experience as easier, but doesn’t go into details about the underlying technology that is replacing SureType.