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MiniMoni goes live, still free


MiniMoniNot too long ago we posted on a data traffic monitor called MiniMoni, which has now finished off its beta run and gone live. Luckily, the program is still free and still offering a lot of help to us poor saps with a limited data plan. Keep in mind that MiniMoni is only for GSM BlackBerrys right now, but I bet if you guys give some support, a CDMA version might follow in good time.

GPS Pearl coming to Vodafone this month?


VodafoneAnother gem from the leaked Voda slides: the BlackBerry 8110, due out by the end of January on Vodafone. CDMA carriers got a bit of a heads up with the 8130 for the holidays, and the 8110 would bring GSM providers up to speed, if it weren’t for the lack of 3G. Still, a GPS Pearl is nothing to sneeze at, and should bring some joy to the folks who have salivating for the 8130 for the last few months but were locked into GSM service.

Leaked shots turn out to be new 8XXX model?


8XXXSo that shot from the other day was, in fact, legit. Leaked Vodafone docs show that this new device due out in May will be packing quad-band GSM, HSDPA, GPS, Wi-Fi, a 2.0 megapixel camera, a 624 MHz processor, a 480 x 320 screen (up from the current 320 x 240 standard), and a 1500mAh battery (up from the 8800′s 1400 mAh). As for carrier, the Rogers logo has been spotted on it, so we can expect it in Canada soon, too. The stats match up previous 9000 series info. Based on these specs, the only 8800-series device that might survive is the 8830 for those who happen to hop on CDMA networks – GPS, Wi-Fi and a camera all in one device really does blow everything else out of the water. In fact, if we’re just running on the slideshow, the possibility of this one being an inaugural 9000-series device still seems entirely possible. What do you guys think? The BlackBerry 8900 or the 9000? One way or the other, this thing is sounding pretty sweet.

BlackBerry 9000 to be EDGE-only?


BlackBerry 9000Okay, you can drop the booing and hissing, we know it would suck, but it’s all gossip until the thing comes out. Keep in mind that this is just for the first iteration of the series, the BlackBerry 9000, and that the previously-rumored 9100 should still have 3G. Outside of that, the rumors are also telling us the 9000 will be packing quad-band GSM/GPRS, QWERTY keyboard, support a, g and b flavours of Wi-Fi, and a 480 x 320 screen like the 9100. Nothing’s been said for sure about a touchscreen, and I’m partial to the idea that it’s just wishful thinking on a lot of people’s parts.

GSM captures 62% of market share


AntennaeAccording to a study by 3G Americas, GSM market share has grown 9% in the last year, totalling up to 62% of the market. In Latin America and the Caribbean alone, that penetration hit a wooping 78%. CDMA, on the other hand, has dropped in subscribers by 2.5% to 193 million subscribers. The report also notes the broad strokes of this year in GSM worldwide:

400 UMTS/HSDPA devices launched by manufacturers.
193 UMTS networks commercial; additional 71 networks planned or in deployment.
152 commercial deployments of HSDPA in 67 countries.
148 joint EDGE/UMTS networks; 244 commercial EDGE networks in 128 countries.
17 HSUPA networks now commercial, with many more expected in 2008.

BlackBerry 8120 gets FCCed


FCCThe FCC has released the docs and testing information for the BlackBerry 8120, giving us hope, however vain, of a North American release. The recently-cleared instruction manual for the BlackBerry 8120 doesn’t reveal too much that’s new about the Wi-Fi, GSM Pearl. UMA (voice handoff to Wi-Fi) is working soundly, making T-Mobile’s Hotspot@Home a likely target for the new device.