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How to update Facebook status through GTalk


FacebookJosep just pointed us to a way of updating your Facebook status message through your BlackBerry’s GTalk client. Now, why you wouldn’t just get the Facebook application is beyond me, but maybe you spend a lot of time on GTalk and not much on Facebook. I don’t know. Anyway, FON Labs is behind this, and seem to have a few cool projects under their belt.

1. Add facebook@fon.com to your Gtalk contact list
2. Type help in the chat window to receive instructions
3. Get your identification code clicking on the link in the message
4. Type “identify facebook code” in the chat window
5. Type your status message in the chat window
6. Click on the link to authorize the application to update your Facebook status in the future (this will be asked you just the first time).

JiveTalk update features MySpace IM support


JiveTalkEveryone’s favourite handheld chat client has been updated to version 1.0.3. JiveTalk lets you access AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk, ICQ, Jabber, and now MySpace IM contacts all in the same app on your BlackBerry. This update also includes AIM buddy icons and some UI fixes. Thanks Josep!

Weekly Contest: The Killer Consumer App


FacebookWe’ve had a blast of new BlackBerry software this week, like Facebook, Gtalk, and a slightly glitchy Yahoo! messenger client. RIM has clearly taken the CTIA opportunity this year to reach out to the socialite in BlackBerry users, furthering their consumer push. On top of that, the BlackBerry 8130 is just around the corner, which will continue to help bring BlackBerry out of the office and into the streets. If the Facebook announcement has proven anything, it’s that hardware is only as good as the software it runs, so this week we’re asking you, fine readers: what will be the next killer consumer app for BlackBerry? We aren’t talking office productivity here, just sheer frivolity. Was Facebook the right direction? Maybe themes need a kick in the pants to get something other than Zen and Zen Today variants? Maybe more photo sharing stuff like iTTOMP? The comment which pitches the best consumer-app-to-be for BlackBerry will get a copy of Magmic’s two latest games, White House Rumble and Miner 2049er Gold Rush.

Gtalk and Yahoo! BlackBerry clients updated


GtalkAs if Facebook wasn’t enough yesterday, we also got a Gtalk and Yahoo! chat client update up to version 2.0. After installing Gtalk here, there are decent upgrades, mainly displaying profile pictures, as noted by Robb, but I’m sure there’s plenty of other new features there that regular Gtalkers will readily spot. You can pick up the new version of Gtalk and Yahoo! Messenger over the air at http://mobile.blackberry.com on your mobile browser.