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Viira Outlook Suite and Getting Things Done (GTD) App Now Version 2 With More Productivity Features


Outlook is still a big part of the corporate and personal productivity world. The Viira Outlook Suite gives you the ability to organize and synchronize all your projects, priorities and commitments across MS Outlook and your BlackBerry. The app is intuitive and effective because it’s based on the principles of David Allen’s Getting Things Done, a popular time management theory and set of courses. The Viira Outlook Suite consists of a BlackBerry app and an Outlook plugin and provides support for all key elements of GTD such as projects, contexts, next actions, day tasks, an in-basket and more.
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DoneIn2Minutes free with other purchase


S4BB logoThe gang at BerryReview posted about S4BB announcing that anyone can score a free copy of DoneIn2Minutes with the purchase of any one of their other productivity applications such NextAction!, TaskMaster, and HabitMaster. Most of the applications, including DoneIn2Minutes, are based on the GTD (Getting Things Done) “life management system.” One of the tenets of the system is that any task which can’t be completed in under two minutes should be delegated or deferred. $9.95 is a bit steep for what is essentially a glorified 2 minute timer, so this promotion makes it a bit more palatable if you’re into that sort of thing.


Review: Mentat


MentatMentat is a lightweight task management system based on the growingly-popular Getting Things Done philosophy. BlackBerry software is paired up with a web client to help organize tasks into categories, assign them to particular people, update status, leave comments, and plenty more. It’s a solid step up from the built-in Tasks application primarily by virtue of sharing a daily agenda with others and being able to communicate about those projects. There are some basic things that Tasks has that would be really great to see in Mentat, but it’s still in beta and features are being added on an ongoing basis.

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