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Gwabbit for BlackBerry Updated with FlashBack Feature


Gwabbit has announced a free upgrade for both their Premium and Free versions that includes a new feature called “Flashback.” Flashback places a note in your inbox to remind you that you haven’t added a contact to your address book. When you open the note, a gwabbit alert is shown that allows you to click and save the contact as usual. When you save contacts, you’ll find an item in your inbox, marked with the gwabbit wabbit. This keeps you informed of the contacts you added to your address book. Also, a gwabbit counter at the top of the screen shows the number of unopened/unsaved contacts detected by gwabbit, similar to the counter for unopened emails or SMS messages.

Personally, I think users should avoid the free version of gwabbit, as it has a very aggressive marketing tool built-in that tells users their contact information has been added by gwabbit.

To download gwabbit or upgrade, visit App World.

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Gwabbit now available as two versions in App World



Gwabbit is now available as 2 separate versions in App World. One, is a free version which employs an awkward marketing tactic of emailing the contact you added and telling them something like “Kyle just added you as a contact with Gwabbit. Download it here.” This type of marketing personally turns me off but Gwabbit have addressed this with Gwabbit Premium.

Gwabbit Premium is just slightly more expensive than the original Gwabbit product at $10.63 (previously $9.99). The premium version is the exact same as the free version, just without the viral marketing aspect. According to Gwabbit, “Gwabbees” can opt out of the alert service, which makes sense because if they won’t buy the first time, they probably won’t buy after consecutive alerts.

Check out Gwabbit in App World.

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Gwabbit announcing free version next week



Gwabbit will be releasing a free version of their automatic contact “gwabbing” app. The free version of gwabbit will include a new alerting feature that informs contacts via email when their contact information has been added to a friend or colleague’s address book using gwabbit.

Personally, I would find this a little embarrassing and I don’t think I would use it. As much as I like gwabbit, there is something invasive about using my email to market your product.

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Giveaway: Copy2Contact updates with SMS and calendar support


YouTube link for mobile viewing

Copy2Contact is a simple way to take contact information from emails and store them in your BlackBerry Address Book. In the latest version of the app, you can grab contact and calendar information from SMS, web and search results, and add them directly to your BlackBerry address book and/or calendar. The app will even update existing contacts if a match is found.

The most recent version of Copy2Contact features text recognition that grabs information as a stand-alone client, so you don’t need a wireless signal to grab contacts. Also, since the text recognition can grab info from any source, it can be used in mobile search and directory services like GOOG-411.

Copy2Contact is available on a yearly subscription for $9.95 in the BlackBerry Cool store.

Copy2Contact is also available for $9.99 in App World.

Click through to see a feature comparison with Gwabbit and a download link for 1 of 25 free copies

Add BlackBerry contacts from your email with AddresSave



Our buddy Fabian just put out his latest app, AddresSave, which automatically takes contact info from your email and adds it to your address book.

As you probably know, there are other apps out there that do something similar such as Gwabbit. One thing I like about AddresSave, that isn’t included in Gwabbit, is the option to set a “block” list. With this option, you avoid unnecessary entries.

As this is a new application, it would be interesting to see how well it can sniff out redundancies over a long period of usage.

AddresSave is available for $1.49 until September 4th (normally $2.99).


gwabbit giving away a gwabbitized Flip MinoHD camcorder



gwabbit is running a contest called “Get the Gift of gwab” where by sharing gwabbit with your friends and colleagues, you can win a gwabbitized Flip MinoHD camcorder.

It’s so easy – here’s how it works:

1. Go to the Get the Gift of Gwab site.
2. Verify your email address and click either the Facebook or LinkedIn Share icons to share with your friends and colleagues
3. Invite your friends and colleagues to try gwabbit for free

If 10 or more of your friends download gwabbit, you get a free custom gwabbit coffee mug (the gwabbit mug is only available through this promotion). There is no obligation to buy a thing.

The 5 participants with the most friends will get a gwabbitized Flip MinoHD camcorder.

gwabbit will keep score and send participants a note from time-time to let them know how they’re doing. Get the Gift of Gwab runs from July 7 through midnight pacific time July 17.

The contest guidelines are:

  • Limit one prize per participant
  • Must be 18 or older to play
  • Email addresses must be valid to count toward prizes