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Developers: Register for the Foursquare Global Hackathon


The foursquare global hackathon takes place on September 17th-18th in cities all around the world. This is a great opportunity for developers to get together and work on a foursquare app that you could finish and take to market in just one day. With the help of other coders, foursquare experts and everyone else attending the event, you could end up with a really solid product at the end of the hackathon. Foursquare is hiring so this is also a great time to show off your skills. Continue reading for more info.
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BBM Hackathon NYC: Interview with Tyler Lessard About BBM, Developers and More


BBM hackathon

We’re here at the BBM Hackathon in NYC and we sat down with RIM’s VP of Developer Relations and BlackBerry Alliances, Tyler Lessard. The problem with interviewing people at RIM is they’re obviously not going to tell you anything that hasn’t already been announced, and the best you can hope for is “yes, we’re working on it” or “it’s something we’re driving towards.” Even if you ask a random question like “what’s your favorite app?” you can be sure the answer at a BBM Hackathon will be “BBM”. We did get a few tidbits of information that we haven’t heard before so it’s worth clicking through for the interview.
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Our BBM Hackathon Grand Prize Winner is Smarter Apps


smarter apps

We’re in New York City this week getting ready for the BBM Hackathon that will go from Thursday the 11th to Friday the 12th. A little while back we put up a post asking for developers to send us their app ideas that would leverage the BBM Social Platform. The winning app idea would won a decent prize pack including:

  • A flight to NYC and hotel for during the hackathon
  • $500 spending cash
  • A BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900

The winning developer is Paul Dumais of Smarter Apps and the app idea is really killer. We don’t want to reveal what the app does because we’ve been told that the app will be fully coded and made available to App World during the hackathon. Stay tuned because we’ll be revealing the app in a few days and it’s going to change the way you use BBM.

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How to Win the BBM Apps Hackathon Event in NYC


BBM apps hackathon

We’ve already had some really awesome submissions for the BBM Apps Hackathon Event in NYC. Remember, if you want to win a free trip and sweet prize pack, all you have to do is email us your app idea at tips@blackberrycool.com. We’ve also had a few questions from developers about what apps they should write and how they can best position themselves to win the hackathon. Here are a few tips for developers interested in the event:
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