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Hackathons Are Great For Quantity But Are They Good Quality?


The past 2 hackathons have been amazing successes for RIM from an app quantity perspective. The first hackathon generated 15,000 apps and the second has generated over 19,000 apps. With 34,000 apps from just 2 hackathons, RIM could keep this up throughout the lifetime of the platform and potentially surpass the competition just from this type of developer support. One would assume that the platform would also attract a base level of developer support and the hackathons are just icing on the cake. But are these apps really doing anything for the typical user? In some ways, the hackathons are not on-message with what Alec Saunders and RIM have said in the past. Saunders once said that RIM’s strength is quality over quantity but a quick look at the apps being submitted at these hackathons don’t seem to follow this mantra.
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