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Handango and Carphone Warehouse team up


HandangoThe Carphone Warehouse, a giant phone retailer in the UK, is now working with top software reseller, Handango. The software that Carphone Warehouse will be selling covers some of the most popular items out there these days, including Empower, Shape’s IM+, and a theme fit for any pink Pearl out there. Digital distribution is usually seen as a threat to the old-school brick-and-mortar stores, but it’s pretty interesting to see a web-based business make the jump backwards. Whether or not something like this flies will depend a lot on delivery. If you’re e-mailed a list of activation codes and download links, you might as well just buy the software off the site, but if it all came loaded on the device and ready to rock, it would make for a very unique way to buy your BlackBerry.

BlackBerry 8830 tops Handango software sales


HandangoHandango has announced their quarterly results, and sales for the BlackBerry 8830 has topped the device list. The new kids on the block might have all those fancy features like cameras and Wi-Fi, but the good ol’ BlackBerry 8830 has had time to cement its user base, and is now appreciating the popularity. As ever, the announcement includes the quarter’s top ten products by OS…

Check out the BlackBerry best sellers behind the jump.

Handango’s 2007 Champion Award winners


HandangoHandango’s published their annual Champion Award winners, cut up by device. Without further ado, here’s Handango’s BlackBerry picks.

Best Evolution Application – Narrator by Nuance Communications, Inc.
Best Entertainment Application – Monopoly Tycoon 2007 by Bplay/Hands-on Mobile
Best Industry Application – RepliGo Professional by Cerience Corporation
Best Life Management Application – Journal Bar by Omega One Software, LLC.
Developer of the Year – SHAPE Services GmbH
Rookie of the Year – IntelliGolf, Inc.

If you’re interested in hearing how other handhelds fared, you can check them out over here.

BlackBerry 8100 rocks Handango sales


HandangoHandango has released their quarterly yardstick report, and sales for BlackBerry 8100 software has come in an impressive second. Playing second fiddle to the Motorola Q, maybe, but still nothing to sneeze at. BlackBerry 8800 sales have been climbing higher, and so are requests for GPS and mapping software. Without further ado, here are this quarter’s top 10 BlackBerry apps, some of which we’ve got in our own store.

1. VoiceControl
2. Ringtone Megaplex
3. Ringphonic Lite
4. Colour Your Trackball
5. WorldMate Professional Edition
6. IM+
7. Ringphonic
8. eSpell
9. Aces Texas Hold’em – No Limit
10. RepliGo Professional

Full press release behind the jump.