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HanDBase launches 10th anniversary contest


DDH Software is celebrating 10 years of HanDBase, their mobile database software, with the Applet of the Year contest. To enter, simply create a custom applet using their software and send it in, and they’ll reward the best new applet with a HanDBase Runtime license. The license will allow the user to turn the applet into a standalone commercial application. You don’t need to purchase the software to enter, either, as a fully-featured 30 day trial is available on their website. You can check out their gallery for an idea of what kind of apps you can make, or take a peek at our review if you want a few tips on starting out.

Review: HanDBase


HanDBaseAfter wrestling with Pronto forms, the idea of forms on mobile felt a little awkward and hard to implement. So when we got our hands on HanDBase from DDH, there was some skepticism. DataVault was certainly more user friendly, but not quite as versatile. Could HanDBase, a relative newbie on the BlackBerry scene, paired up with its desktop cousin help us create and fill out databases on BlackBerry with minimal fuss? Only one way to find out…

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HanDBase gets upgrade to version 4


HanDBaseThe handheld database manager, HanDBase, just got bumped up to version 4, with a few new bells and whistles, including Vista support. The UI has gotten a bit of a facelift, the OS X client now has searching and sorting functions (which seem pretty vital for database work), 5-way navigation for Palm and Windows Mobile, and a few other things. As ever, HanDBase syncs with Microsoft Access through a bundled utility, although it’s wired only. If you’ve got a boatload of information that you want to keep an eye on from your BlackBerry, you can pick HanDBase up for $39.95 over here.

Database software released for BlackBerry


DataDDH Software has announced today that their HanDBase software is now available for BlackBerry, allowing you to do your databasing business on the go. Data input, exporting and sharing are pretty hefty business tools, and are of prime importance to anyone working with numbers. The software offers up to 100 different data fields, which sounds like a lot, but what do I know about databases? Let’s let the press release do the talking.

The HanDBase platform allows users to create their own databases and download databases from others over the Internet. Select editions of HanDBase for BlackBerry smartphones even synchronize with corporate databases from Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL and other ODBC sources.

Three versions are available: the Plus Edition at $29.99; the Professional Edition for $39.99; and the Enterprise Edition for $79.99.