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Top 10 free BlackBerry news apps from Handmark


handmark blackberry

Handmark started off as a distribution channel, and are now doing a lot of development for mobile and especially BlackBerry. They have a series of free apps that are ad supported and I’ve taken the time to put together their 10 best free news applications. Each app can be downloaded from the same page, either from your BlackBerry browser or your desktop.

Thomson Reuters

Access professional-grade news and market data from Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source for intelligent information for businesses and professionals.

The Wall Street Journal

Instant access to The Wall Street Journal news with this customizable application. The Mobile Reader allows you to read the Journal’s comprehensive news anywhere, even offline.
Click through for 8 more free BlackBerry news apps from Handmark

Thomson Reuters news launch news app with Handmark


Thomson Reuters

Handmark, a mobile development house that develops games, applications and storefronts, has announced it has leveraged its proprietary Mobile Publishing Platform technology to release a new mobile application for Thomson Reuters.

The Thomson Reuters application gives you access to business news, award-winning photography, market data and financial information.

Key features and benefits of the new Thomson Reuters mobile application include:

* News stories from a variety of categories including world, sports, politics, environment, health, and business
* Full story articles and photos optimized for easy reading on a mobile device
* Ability to select region – US, Canada, UK, or India – for localized content
* Up-to-the-minute market data including indices, commodities and currencies by region
* Designed to support offline use when users don’t have service or an Internet connection
* Personalized stocks tab so users can track only the stocks that they want
* Keywords and My Feeds tab that allows users to customized news feeds that are of special interest

Download Thomson Reuters mobile for your BlackBerry. It will soon be available on App World.


Handmark buys FreeRange


MocoNews is reporting that Handmark has purchased software developer FreeRange for an undisclosed sum. FreeRange is a mobile RSS applications firm with a fairly popular RSS reader, but I find them more exciting for their work on the Wall Street Journal and AP News applications.

FreeRange has said it will use the additional resources from Handmark to expand its video support, and iPhone and Android support, but I’m hoping they’ll put their magic touch on Handmark’s own PocketExpress application. The AP News app developed by FreeRange is clean, pretty and slick, and I’d love to see a rebuilt PocketExpress from the ground up.

|via MocoNews|


WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Handmark


Handmark logoFor our next Exhibitor Spotlight we have Handmark, makers of the Pocket Express software we reviewed last September. Pocket Express is their flagship product, allowing users to view stocks, weather, general news, sports news, and great deal more from within the application. At WES, they’ll be focusing on that and its companion Pocket Express Travel Edition, which features travel services such as up-to-date flight information from the OAG. They’ll also be showcasing content from the Extras channel of Pocket Express and other tidbits from their online web portal.

Review: Pocket Express


Pocket Express 5It’s just about that time to have another go at Handmark’s Pocket Express. We’ve been covering these guys on the ‘Cool for nearly three years now, and we can certainly start taking a look at the long-term evolution of their software. In a nutshell, Pocket Express is a suite of mini-applications that are all accessible from a single page, called PageOne. They offer a few of their channels for free (Travel, News, Sports and Weather), and the rest (like Stocks, Entertainment, 411 Search, Maps, Extras and a cool feature called MobileCierge, which puts you on the phone with a live person who can help you find information on just about anything you need) will cost you $9.99/month. Sounds good, right? Let’s take a look.

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Handmark unleashes a bundle of BlackBerry games


Pillow fightI-play has just inked a deal with Handmark to distribute their top titles, such as a Fast and the Furious racing game, a puzzler by the name of Jewel Quest and 3D Pool: High Roller. I-play’s site lists most of these as compatible with only BlackBerry 8100’s, probably since their primary interest lies with mainstream cellphones, but I’ve received word from Handmark that the games will be working with all BlackBerrys. The most eye-catching of their titles is Pillowfight, where you “join an elite and sexy crew of hot women in the exclusive world of competitive pillow fighting”. Damn. Sign me up.