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CTIA 2010: Earzee Bluetooth Wristbands and Neckbands from Fish Phonics


This year at CTIA there is a lot of buzz about cell phone radiation and limiting your exposure it. Fish Phonics is coming to market with a slew of new Bluetooth wristbands and neckbands. One of them, Earzee, is a wristband with a nub that comes out and wraps around your fingers, allowing you to limit the distance to your phone. The product looks cool but it’s sort of odd to have a Bluetooth product that isn’t hands-free. Check out their promo video and look out for their products which should be hitting the market in 2011.

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Five years of Bluetooth on BlackBerry: Current and Future Implementations


Back in ’94, Bluetooth was invented and standardized to be a wireless cable replacement technology. After a long battle with adoption and interoperability, Bluetooth is now standard issue in most smartphones, road-ready laptops, and a slew of other devices that connect to them wirelessly. Originally created to replace RS-232 serial cable, Bluetooth is now built into all manners of electronics, over 10,000 product lines in total.

The mobile phone, automotive, computing, and consumer electronic industries have come together to make technology easier and better for everyone. When it was first being pitched, marketers spoke of dreams of the Personal Area Network or PAN. The promises of the PAN was more than a little science-fictiony, with fantasies of doors opening like Star Trek and house keys being obsolete.

The first Bluetooth-enabled phone launched a decade ago. RIM’s first Bluetooth-enabled device was the now-famous BlackBerry 7290, which curiously enough came in blue.

This is how the Personal Area Network is shaping up for BlackBerry users five years after RIM started supporting Bluetooth.
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