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Prove BlackBerry Users Party Hardest and Take the 100Proof.Me Booze Test #SXSW


Some companies have internalized the anti-BlackBerry media sentiment to the point where they don’t even realize lacking BlackBerry support is bad for business. A great example is 100Proof.me which has a booze test for SXSW attendees and they’re recording a live stream of how much people are drinking. BlackBerry users are known for hard work and what follows is almost always hard play. So rather than ignore this company, we want to write about them and get people using their mobile website. The latest OS 7 browser renders 100Proof.me really well (screenshot below) and if we flood the site with enough data, hopefully they’ll start publishing it. So go to 100Proof.me from your BlackBerry and start taking the Booze Test.
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OnPage Priority Messaging App Turns Your BlackBerry Into a Pager


Onpage App

OnPage is a smartphone pager and Priority Messaging Application for mobile devices. The app combines the simplicity and urgency of a conventional pager with the simplicity, power and features of a BlackBerry. With onPage, you can receive priority messages and respond securely and reliably. Pagers are still used by healthcare professionals because they provide a direct funnel for critical, emergency messages that are prioritized over all the other email/text noise out there. OnPage ensures the same, making a unique sound no matter what audio settings your phone is on. OnPage eliminates the need for a separate device too. Other features of OnPage include:
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Smartheart Launching Personal Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Free App



At TC Disrupt we learned SHL Telemedicine is coming to market with a new medical gadget called Smartheart. The device is a lightweight personal electrocardiogram (or ECG) that allows you to monitor your heart in realtime. The Smartheart gadget comes with a free app, available on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry, that connects to the ECG wirelessly. With the Smartheart device on and running, the app will record your results and email them to your physician. The app can monitor degradations in the health of your heart, as well as identify an irregular or abnormal heart condition and send an alert to the user in realtime.
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What Businesses Can Benefit from the BlackBerry PlayBook?


blackberry playbook

The PlayBook is going to be very enterprise-friendly and there are a lot of businesses that could potentially benefit from a tablet connected to a BES and synced with the corporate email servers. Recently, Sun Life Financial said it plans to use the PlayBook to help companies increase the number of employees who sign up for group retirement plans.

Sun Life has found that a lot of employees will attend information sessions about group retirement but will leave without having signed up. With a PlayBook, Sun Life will be able to sign up employees on the spot, and the PlayBook will pay for itself quickly.

What other businesses can benefit from a PlayBook? Clinics, hospitals and the healthcare industry will surely grab the PlayBook as patient data is so sensitive, and a secure RIM tablet would be complementary to their services. Anyone in sales will surely want a tablet for presentations and accessing analytics on the go. Do you think your company could benefit from a PlayBook?

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Socket Mobile Cordless Hand Scanner for Healthcare with BlackBerry App


YouTube Link

Socket Mobile has announced the Socket Bluetooth Cordless hand Scanner (CHS) Series 7 with BlackBerry support including the Bold, Curve, Pearl, Storm and Tour devices. The CHS Series 7 is available in 2D and 1D scanning options with either standard or antimicrobial casing, which protects the device against the multiplication and spread of harmful bacteria and microbes and is a popular choice in the healthcare and hospitality industries. Socket provides a free SocketScan app, which enables the CHS to connect to any BlackBerry via Bluetooth, allowing easy integration by an IT team or individual users.
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Diabetes and Health Tracker for BlackBerry with iRecordit


We’ve had several users comment/write-in inquiring about a good diabetes app and recently iRecordit has launched their BlackBerry app for tracking blood sugar. iRecordit asks the user to input certain data about their blood sugar and general health, and allows the user access to the visual representation of that data on their BlackBerry or via email to their PC or health care provider. This visual representation allows you to have a daily view of your glucose levels.

What’s missing from apps such as iRecordit is Bluetooth integration with an insulin monitor. I would like to see iRecordit partner with some large healthcare institutions to bring this sort of functionality because automating and avoiding data input will make this app even better and more effective.

Head over to iRecordit.net from your BlackBerry browser or desktop to get a free OTA trial of iRecordit.

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