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VCMS App Turns Your PlayBook Into A Slick In-Car Dashboard


It’s cool to see theme companies expanding what they do from just themes into other realms of mobile and Hedone has done just that. The company began making premium themes and now has a PlayBook app meant for use inside your vehicle. The app provides a dashboard that gives speed, heading, lat and long and more.
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Loop Theme is Perfect for the Snowboarding and Skiing Enthusiasts


loop theme

Hedone Design’s latest theme looks perfect for anyone interested in winter sports and with all the snow the East coast has been having lately, there are going to be lots of people hitting the slopes. The Loop theme comes with a customizable vertical slider menu that descends from the top of the screen. Device coverage is a little limited to modern devices, and includes:
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PlayBook Theme GoPlay by HedoneDesign for OS 5 and 6 Devices


playbook theme

When BlackBerry 6 was ramping up, we saw a few themes that gave users the ability to get a BlackBerry 6-like experience before launch. Now that the PlayBook has been getting a lot of media coverage and screenshots, we have a few themes out there that seek to mimic the UI and experience. We know that the PlayBook and QNX OS are coming to smartphones, and while it probably won’t look exactly like the PlayBook, we’ll definitely see a lot of the same features. It will be cool to see theme developers take a shot at guessing what a QNX OS BlackBerry UI would look like.

Check out HedoneDesign’s PlayBook theme GoPlay in the store.

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BlackBerry 6 Theme OS6LIKE from Hedone Design


OS6like theme

Hedone Design has a BlackBerry 6 inspired theme called OS6LIKE that has all the BlackBerry 6 icons you would expect as well as the ability to navigate to 2 animated sections (custom and favorites). Hedone Design has been doing a good job of updating the theme so you’re sure to get a quality product. One thing that would be cool to see is an animated menu that is triggered at the top of the homescreen just like the real BlackBerry 6.

More information about OS6LIKE in the store.

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Wall-E Premium Theme with Animated Dock and Customizable Icons


The Wall-E theme by Hedone is a premium theme that has plenty of wallpaper space and 6 customizable icons. The icons are hidden in an animated dock, and the homescreen gives you quick access to the options, connections manager and profiles. Just like many Hedone themes, Wall-E comes with a quick keys that let you access apps quickly from the keyboard. The only strange thing about this theme is why they chose to call it “Wall-E”, as it has absolutely no reference to the Pixar movie anywhere.

More details and purchase info about the Wall-E theme in the store.

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Theme Throwdown Week 4: Hedone Design Sense, Chryom and More


It’s week 4 of the Theme Throwdown. HedoneDesign is offering up 3 brand new themes for this promotion: Sense, Imperia and Wall-e. For those just tuning in: we challenged four of our top selling theme designers to our first-ever Theme Throwdown. Each theme designer gets to choose five of their top-selling themes, one for each day (Mon-Fri), for a week of Deal of the Day promotions. Whoever sells the most themes in their week wins the “Theme Throwdown Champion 2010″ title.

Every reader that RTs the following tweet will be entered for a chance to win 10 free themes from their favorite theme designer:

RT and enter to win 10 free #HedoneDesign BlackBerry themes. 50% off a top theme from 06/21-06/25. See todays deal http://bit.ly/bB9GiL
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