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Biston Theme with Wheel-Style Homescreen Dock


The Biston theme has a cool wheel-style dock with 9 user defined icons on the homescreen, nice big battery and signal meters and a Today preview for your calendar and messages. Fonts are customizable as well, and you can even change the menu font. This theme also includes what Hedone calls DFK (Double Function Keyboard), which is basically a set of custom shortcut keys which are good to get familiar with. More information on DFK available from their site.

Check out the Biston theme in the BBCool store.

Ambos Theme with Animated Menu and Shortcut Keys


The latest theme from Hedone is called Ambos and it comes with a unique banner on the homescreen that features 5 predefined icons and 6 user defined icons. The homescreen displays the icons with a pretty cool animated menu. Another great thing about the Hedone design themes is something they call DFK (Double Function Keyboard). DFK gives you additional shortcut keys for apps such as the Calendar, Calculator, Password Keeper, Browser etc.

Check out the Ambos theme in our store. It’s a little on the expensive side at $6.99, but you can get 25% off with the coupon code AMBOSFRJ until May 25th.

Hedone Premium Themes on Sale for 50% Off


The Hedone theme designers are having a sale through May 20th that means their most popular themes are 50% off. Select any of the themes from this promotion and the price is discounted with no coupon code required. They are also offering 10 – $30 theme vouchers that will be drawn at random for theme purchases.

Check out the Hedone Design themes sale in our store.

Quelos Theme with 3D Icons and Homescreen Carousel


Quelos is a decent theme with a carousel of 12 3D icons on the homescreen. The theme also features a numbered battery and signal meter on either side of the carousel, making it a unique way to check your device’s status. Quelos has a Today preview for the first 4 icons, so make sure you organize them as such. With all that space on the homescreen, this theme should be accompanied by a nice wallpaper.

More information about Quelos in the BlackBerryCool Store.

Steampunk Style Vault Theme from Hedone Design


Hedone Design’s latest theme has a very steampunk/Myst feel to it that looks really great on a modern BlackBerry. The top screen has 5 customizable icons along the top, and 4 along the bottom beside a large clock display. The icons are very simple and recognizable, and look great in combination with the wallpaper. The battery and signal meters are designed as the sort of gauges you would expect in a steampunk-style theme.

More information about the Vault theme in our store.

New Circular Chryom Theme by Hedone Design is Artistic and Useful


HedoneDesign have a new theme called Chryom that looks like a real piece of art. Chryom is a circular theme that has buttons for Messages, SMS & MMS, Calendar, Phone, Music, and Browser. The battery and signal meters are embedded onto the circular plate, making them integrated into the theme. Compatible with OS 5, Chryom is definitely a cool theme worth checking out.

More information about Chryom in the BlackBerryCool Store.